Love In Mexico

Choregraphie par :  Tyra   Farris

Description :              32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Juillet 2019

Musique :                    Love In Mexico by Kevin Ray Adams

Side, Close, Cross Shuffle, Side, Close, Cross, Step ¼ Turn Left
1,2,3&4        R step to right(1), Drag L next to R and weight left foot (2), Cross R over L (3). Step L next to left (&), Cross R over L (4)
5,6,7,8         Step L to left(5), Step R next to L(6), Cross L over R(7), Step R back Turning ¼ left (8) 9 o’clock

Back Rock Recover, Step Lock Forward, Forward Rock Recover, Step Lock Back
1,2,3&4        Step L back (1), Recover weight forward on R(2), Step L forward (3) Bring R up behind L (&), Step L forward (4)
5,6,7&8        Step R forward (5), Recover weight back on L (6), Step R back (7), Bring L back in front of R (&), Step R back (8)

Walk Back 2 x’s, Coaster Step, Sway R,L Triple R
1,2 3&4       Slide L Back(1), Slide R back(2), Step L back(3), Step R next to L(&), Step L Forward (4)
5,6,7&8       Step R to right sway hips to right(5), Sway hips to left weighting L (6) Step R to right(7), Step L next to R (&), Step R to right (8)

Jazz Box ¼ turn w Cross, Point, Cross, Touch Out, In
1,2,3,4         Step L over R(1), Step R back (2), Step L turning ¼ left (3) 6 o’clock, Step R over L (4)
5,6,7,8         Point L to left(5), Step L crossed over R(6), Touch R to right(7), Touch R Next to L (8)



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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