Love You Till Morning

Choregraphie par :  Jo Kinser, John Kinser – UK

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, 2018

Musique :                    Love You Till Morning by Rye Davis

(Music available on iTunes – 3.03 min – 98 BPM)

Intro: 16 Counts, Start on the Lyrics

[1-8] Cross R, Point L, Cross L, Point R, Rock Forward, Recover, R 1/2 Turn Shuffle
1,2      RF step forward across left, LF touch side left
3,4      LF step forward across right, RF touch side right
5,6      RF rock forward, Recover on LF preparing to turn right
7&8     1/4 turn R and step RF to right (3:00), LF step next to RF, 1/4 turn R and step RF forward (6:00)
(Option replace the shuffle with a full turn right).
* Tag happens here, Wall 8 (9:00) LF Rock Forward, Recover RF

[9-16] L Rock Forward, Recover & Sweep L, Weave, R Rock Step, Weave
1,2      LF rock forward, Recover on to RF Sweeping LF from front to back
3&4     LF step behind RF, RF step side right, LF cross over RF
5,6      RF rock side right, Recover on to LF
7&8     RF step behind LF, LF step side left, RF cross over LF

[17-24] L Rock Step, Behind, 1/4 Turn R, Step Forward L, 1/2 Turn R, L Shuffle Forward
1,2      LF rock side left, Recover on to RF
3,4      LF step behind RF, 1/4 turn right and step RF forward (9:00)
5,6      LF step forward, 1/2 turn right (3:00)
7&8     LF step forward, RF step next to LF, LF step forward

[25-32] R Rocking Chair, Step Forward R, 1/2 Turn L, Walk Forward R, L
1,2      RF rock forward, Recover on to LF
3,4      RF rock back, Recover on to LF
5,6      RF step forward, 1/2 turn left (9:00)
7,8      RF step forward, LF step forward

On Wall 8 (3:00) dance counts 1-8, you will be facing (9:00), then do the Tag, and continue the dance from count 9. It’s a little tricky at first.

Tag: Rock Forward, Recover
1,2      LF rock forward, Recover on RF

Have fun!

Contacts: Jo Kinser – John Kinser –


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