Makin’ Me Look Good Again

Choregraphie par :   Vikki  MORRIS

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Janvier 2017

Musique :                  Makin’ Me Look Good Again – Drake White

Start: 40 counts (31 seconds on the word “haggard”)

S1: R Basic, L Basic, Step R, ½ Pivot R, Step L, Full Turn L, Step R, Rock Forward L
1 2&Large step to Right side, Rock back Left, Cross step Right slightly over Left (&)
3 4&Large step to Left side, Rock back Right, Cross Step Left slightly over Right (&)
5Step forward Right
6&7Step forward Left, Pivot ½ turn Right (&), Step forward Left (6 o clock)
&8Turn ½ turn Left stepping back on Right (&), Turn ½ turn Left stepping forward Left
&1Step forward Right (&), Rock forward on Left (6 o clock)

S2: Recover R & Pivot ¼ L, Cross R, Rock L, Recover R, Cross L, Step R, Back L with R Sweep, R Behind, ¼ L
2          Recover on Right
&3&4   Step Left next to Right (&), Step forward Right, Pivot ¼ Left (&), Cross Right over Left (3 o clock)
5&6     Rock Left to Left side, Recover on Right (&), Cross Left over Right
&7       Step Right to Right side (&), Largish step back Left as you sweep Right out and behind Left
8&       Cross Right behind Left (&), Turn ¼ turn Left (12 o clock)
(Restart here on Wall 2 facing 9 o clock)

S3: R Basic, Sways L, R, ¾ Hitch Turn Left, Run Back R, L, Back R with L Sweep, L Behind, R Side, Cross Rock L
1 2&    Large step to Right side, Rock back Left, Cross step Right slightly over Left (&)
3 4      Step Left as you sway Left, Step Right as you sway Right dragging L to R in Prep for turn angle body to L diagonal
5         Step Left ¼ turn Left then continue another ½ turn on ball of Left hitching Right knee slightly & keeping Right toe touching the floor (3 o clock)
6&7     Run back Right, Run back Left (&), Largish step back Right as you sweep Left out and behind Right
8&1     Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side (&), Cross Rock Left over Right

S4: Recover R, & Step L, Cross Rock R, Recover L, ½ Turn R, R Behind, ¼ Turn L, Step R, ½ Pivot L, Step R, ¾ Turn R
2          Recover on Right
&3 4    Step Left to Left side (&), Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover on Left
&5       Turn ¼ Right stepping forward Right (&), Turn ¼ turn Right stepping large step Left (9 o clock)
6&       Cross Right behind Left, Turn ¼ turn Left stepping forward Left (&) (6 o clock)
7&8     Step forward Right, Pivot ½ turn Left (&), Step forward Right (12 o clock)
&         Turn ½ turn R stepping back on Left (6 o clock)
(1) Turn ¼ turn R to start dance again with Basic R (9 o clock)

Dance ends with the Cross Rock on S4, Cross Rock Right over Left recover, Step Right to Right side, Cross
Left over Right and unwind full turn Right to finish the dance neatly.

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