Mas Tequila

Choregraphie par :  Michael  O’Shea (Irlande)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Novembre 2018

Musique :                  ‘Mas Tequila’ By Craig Cambell on Single or the ‘See you Try’ Album

#16 count intro.

Step drag, ball cross, side, back rock, diagonal shuffle
1-2        step right long step right, drag left to right
&3-4      step onto left, cross right over left, step left to left side
5-6        rock back right, replace weight to left
7&8       shuffle right, left, right to the right diagonal
Add the TAG here on wall 6.

rock step 1/2 turn shuffle, 1/2 turn shuffle, back rock
1-2        rock fwd left, replace weight to right
3&4       1/2 turn shuffle fwd stepping left, right, left
5&6       1/2 turn shuffle back, stepping right, left, right
7-8        rock back left, replace weight to right

side rock, cross, back, back, cross, side touch
1-2        turning 1/8, rock left to left side (squaring up to 3:00) replace weight to right
3-4        cross left over right, step back right,
5-6        step back left, cross right over left,
Add the ending here on the last wall after count 5
7-8        step left to left side, touch right beside left

kick, ball cross, side rock & side rock, cross shuffle
1&2       kick right fwd, step onto right, cross left over right
3-4        rock right to right side, replace weight to left
&5-6      close right beside left (&) rock left to left side, replace weight to right
7&8       cross shuffle left, right, left

Begin Again.

Tag: Danced after section 1 of wall 6.
Rock step side, Hold, rock step, side, Hold, close
1-2        rock fwd left, replace weight to right,
3-4        step left 1/8 turn left (squaring up to 3:00), HOLD
Option: For fun throw arms in the air & shout Tequila! on the hold Step.
5-6        rock fwd right, replace weight to left,
7-8&     step right to right side, HOLD, close left to right(&)

Ending: The Dance Finishes on the Home wall.
After count 5 of Section 3, stomp forward right, left, right to the music – La – La – La

Have FUN with it!



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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