More Than Friends

Choregraphie par :   Kate Sala (UK) and Dee Musk (UK) 

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2017

Musique :                   ‘More Than Friends’ by James Hype (feat. Kelli-Leigh) – Single. Approx 2:21 mins

Intro: 32 counts

Touch Forward, Touch Back, Kick Ball Step, Step On To V Shape.
1 2        Touch R toe forward. Touch R toe back.
3 & 4     Kick R forward. Step down on ball of R. Step forward on L.
5 6        Step R forward to right diagonal. Step L to left side.
7 8        Step R back. Step L next to R.

Long Step Back, Drag, Ball Step Forward, Step forward, Rocking Chair.
1 2        Take a long step back on R. Drag L back towards R. (weight on R)
& 3 4     Step L next to R. Step forward on R. Step forward on L.
5 6        Rock forward on to R. Recover back on to L.
7 8        Rock back on R. Recover forward on to L.

Step Forward, Hitch, Step Back, Touch Back, Swivel, Hitch, Step Back, Touch In.
1 2        Step forward on R. Hitch L knee up.
3 4        Step back on L. Touch R toe back.
5 6        Swivel both heels L. Swivel heels back to centre while hitching L knee up, transferring weight to R.
7 8        Step back on L. Touch R next to L. *(See note for ending)

Step Forward, Hold, Ball Step, Step, Walk Around 3/4 Turn Left On R, L, R, L.
1 2        Step forward on R. Hold.
& 3 4     Step on ball of L next to R. step forward on R. step forward on L.
5 – 8      Make a large arc shape 3/4 turning left walking on R, L, R, L. Facing 3:00

Start Again.

*Ending: Finishing at the end of the 3rd section facing 9:00, then….
add 1/4 turn right to face front crossing R over L and putting arms up in to a V shape. Dah Dah!!

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