Mr Not-So Lonely (P)

Choregraphie par :  Rhys Williams & Ashley Rees (Dean Valley Linedancers)

Description :             32 temps, Partner, Avril 2019

Musique :                  Mr Lonely by Midland

Position: Sweetheart, same footwork throughout except as noted.
Start on lyrics

Step, together, step, scuff, step, together, step, touch
1-2:       Step RF forward, Step LF beside RF
3-4:       Step RF forward, Scuff LF
5-6:       Step LF forward, Step RF beside LF
7-8:       Step LF forward, Touch RF in place next to LF

Diagonal back step, stomp stomp x 2
1-2:       Step RF diagonally back, Hold
3-4:       Stomp LF next to RF x 2
5-6:       Step LF diagonally back, Hold
7-8:       Stomp RF next to LF x 2

Right strut, left strut (Lady turn), step, together, step x 2
1-2:      Man: RF heel strut, LF heel strut (Release left hand, hold right hand)
Lady: RF ½ turn (turning right) toe strut, LF back strut
3&4:      Man: RF step forward, Step LF beside RF, Step RF forward
Lady: RF step back, Step LF next to RF, Step RF back
5-6:      Man: LF heel strut, RF heel strut (Lift right hand over lady’s head and regain sweetheart)
Lady: LF ½ turn (turning left) toe strut, RF forward strut
7&8:      Man: LF step forward, Step RF beside LF, Step LF forward
Lady: LF step forward, Step RF besdie LF, Step LF forward

Step pivot ½ turn, step, hold x 2
1-2:       Step RF forward, Pivot ½ (turning left) turn (Drop left hand, lift right over lady’s head)
3-4:       Step RF forward, Hold
5-6:       Step LF forward, Pivot ½ (turning right) turn (Lift right hand over lady’s head, regain sweetheart)
7-8:       Step LF forward, Hold

Repeat and enjoy!


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