Choregraphie par :      GraceQueen (KOR)

Description :                 32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Septembre 2021

Musique :                      Muchachita – Alberto Navarro

Intro : 16 counts

S1 – Shuffle Forward, Mambo Forward, Coaster, Diag, Touch and Clap×2
1&2        Step R fwd(1), Step L next to R(&), Step R fwd(2)
3&4        Rock L fwd(3), Recover weight back onto R(&), Step L back(4)
5&6        Step R back(5), Step L Together(&), Step R fwd(6)
7&8        Step L diagonally fwd(7), Touch R beside L and Clap(&), Clap(8)

S2 – Point side-touch-side, Sailor, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Touch and Clap×2
1&2        Point R to right side(1), Touch R next to L(&), Point R to right side(2)
3&4        Cross R behind L(3), Step L to left side(&), Step R to right side(4)
5&6        Cross L behind R(5), Step R to right side(&), Cross L over R(6)
7&8        Step R to right side(7), Touch L beside R and clap(&), Clap(8)
※ Restart 1 (9:00) : On Wall 4 after 16counts(Don’t touch L at the count &. Step)

S3 – Step Back, Rock-Recover, Walk Back and Popping Knee, Coaster and Sweep
1&2        Step L back(1), Rock R fwd(&), Recover weight fwd onto L(2)
3&4        Step R back(3), Rock L fwd(&), Recover weight fwd onto R(4)
※ Restart 2 (6:00) : On Wall 8 after 20counts(Add (&) : Step L fwd)
5-6         Step L back and Popping R Knee(5), Step R back and Popping L Knee(6)
7&8        Step L back(7), Step R Together(&), Step L fwd and Sweep R fwd(8)

S4 – Cross, Side, Behind and Sweep, Coaster, ¾ Walk around
1&2        Cross R over L(1), Step L to left side(&), Cross R behind L and Sweep L back(2)
3&4        Step L back(3), Step R Together(&), Step L fwd(4)
5-8          Walk around stepping R, L, R, L whilst making a ¾ over L shoulder(3:00)

Note :
Restart.1 – on Wall 4 after 16counts (9o’clock wall)(Don’t touch L at the count &. Step)
Restart.2 – on Wall 8 after 20counts (6o’clock wall)(Add (&) : Step L fwd)
Tag : after wall 2(6:00) & 6(3:00) – 2 count (Walk or Together)
1-2         R fwd(1), L Together or walk(2)(*Option : Clap)

Enjoy line dancing to exciting songs. Now is the time to have dancing.
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