Mud On The Tyres (Tires)

Choregraphie par :  Michelle RISLEY

Description :            64 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Novembre 2016

Musique :                 Mud On The Tyres par Brad Paisley

Notes: 2 Restarts Facing 12oc– Wall 2 after CT56, Wall 4 after CT60

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Rocking Chair, Walk Walk, Mambo
1-2        Walk Forward, Right, Left
3&4&     Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left, Rock Back On Right, Recover On Left
5-6        Walk Forward, Right, Left
7&8       Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left, Rock Back On Right,

[9-16] Left Back Lock, Right Back Lock, Coaster Step, Walk/Clap, Walk/Clap
1&2       Step Back On Left, Lock Right Over Left, Step Back Left
3&4       Step Back On Right, Lock Left Over Right, Step Back Right
5&6       Step Back On Left, Step Right Next To Left, Step Left Forward
7&8&     Step Forward Right, Clap, Step Forward Left, Clap

[17-24] Rock Forward, ½ Shuffle Right, Pivot ½, Shuffle Forward
1-2        Rock Forward Onto Right, Recover On Left
3&4       Make ½ Turning Shuffle Over Right Shoulder
5-6        Step Forward On Left, Pivot ½ Turn Over Right Shoulder
7&8       Step Forward On Left, Together Right, Step Forward Left

[25-32] Pivot ½, Shuffle ½, Shuffle ½, Slide ¼
1-2        Step Forward Right, ½ Pivot Over Left Shoulder
3&4       Make ½ Turn Over Left With Right Shuffle
5&6       Continue To Shuffle A Further ½ Turn Over Left Shoulder
7-8        Make ¼ Left Take A Large Slide Right, Drag Left Towards Right, Step Left Beside Right
Styling: On Count 8 As You Bring Left Beside Right, Flick Right Foot Back Slightly

[33-40] Weave, Side Hold, Ball-Side Rock
1-2        Cross Right Over Left, Step Left To Left Side
3&4       Step Right Behind Left, Left To Side, Cross Right Over Left
5-6        Step Left To Side, Hold
&78       Bring Right Next To Left, Side Rock Left, Recover Right (Angle Body To Right Diagonal)

[41-48] Weave, Side Hold, Ball-Side Rock, Flick
1-2        Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side
3&4       Left Behind, Side Right, Cross Left Over Right
5-6        Step Right To Side, Hold
&78       Bring Left Next To Right, Rock To Right Side, Recover On Left As You Flick Right Behind
Styling: CT 5-8 Keep These Counts Straight To The Wall, Not Angled

[49-56] (Box Shuffle) Side Shuffle, ¼ L Side Shuffle, ¼ L Side Shuffle, ¼ L Side Shuffle
1&2&     Side Shuffle Right & Hitch (Side Right, Together Left, Side Right, Hitch Left) (3oc)
3&4&     ¼ Turn Left, Side Shuffle Left & Hitch (12oc)
5&6&     ¼ Turn Right, Side Shuffle & Hitch (9oc)
7&8       ¼ Turn Left, Side Shuffle (6oc)
* Restart: Wall 2 Facing 12oc Drop The Last 8 Counts (57-64) And Restart Dance

[57-64] Kick & Rock, Kick & Rock, Jazz Box
1&2&     Kick Right Forward, Step Together On Right. Rock Slightly Back On Diagonal & Recover
3&4&     Kick Left Forward, Step Together On Left, Rock Slightly Back On Diagonal & Recover
5-8        Cross Right Over Left, Step Back On Left, Step Side Right, Step Forward Left
* Restart: Wall 4 Facing 12oc Drop The Jazzbox (5-8) And Restart Dance

Smile & Enjoy!!

Contact: ( / 07808 772 987)


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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