Naughty Boy

Choregraphie par :  Pat STOTT

Description :           64 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juin 2013

Musique :                 Bad Boy par Jane BOWIE

Right heel grind, side, Right heel grind, side, Jazz box, cross
1-4.     Grind right heel across in front of left foot, step left to left x2
5-8.     Cross right over left, back on left, right to right, cross left over right

Side, tap, side, tap, Side, close, side, hold
1-4.     Step right to right, tap left next to right, step left to left, tap right next to left
5-8.     Step right to right, close left to right, step right to right, hold

Cross strut, back strut, Rock left, recover, fwd
1-4.     Cross left toe over right, lower heel, right toe back , lower heel
5-8.     Rock left to left, recover on right, step left fwd, hold

Mambo 1/2 turn right, hold, step, 1/4 pivot right, cross left over right, side
1-4.     Rock forward on right, recover on left, turn 1/2 right stepping forward on right, hold
5-8.     Step forward on left, turn 1/4 right weight on right, cross left over right, step right Slightly to right with toes turned in (prep for tick tock)

Tick tock right, hold, tick tock left, hold
1-4.     Travelling to right – both toes out, toes in, toes out, hold
5-8.     Travelling to left – both toes in, toes out, toes in, hold

Optional arms: place palms of hands on front of thighs –
1 -4.     Shoulders: back, forward, back, hold
5-8.     Shoulders: forward, back, forward, hold

2x1/4 Monterey turns right
1-4.     Touch right to right, turn 1/4 right weight on left & close right to left, touch left to left, Close left to right
5-8.     Repeat steps 1-4

Right Stomp, fan – out, in out, Left stomp, fan – out, in, out
1-4.     Stomp right forward with toes turned in, fans toes to right, fan toes to left, straighten toes forward and transfer Weight forward on right
5-8.     Stomp left forward with toes turned in, fan toes to left, fan toes to right, straighten toes forward and transfer weight to left

Step fwd on right, bounce round 1/2 turn left – weight on right foot, Coaster step
1-4.     Step forward on right, raise and lower right heel x 3 gradually turning 1/2 to left at the same time ronde left foot round slightly off the floor from front to back
5-8.     Step back on left, close right to left, step forward on left, hold
Choreographers note: for balance hold arms out to the sides

Tag end of wall 1 and 4
1-4.     Step fwd right, hold, 1/2 pivot left, hold
5-8.     Step fwd right, hold, 1/2 pivot left, hold



Catégorie: Novice

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