Never Give Up!

Choregraphie par :  Roy A. Shepherd (No)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice +, Novembre 2019

Musique :                  The Tide Is High. ( Never Give Up ) By: Atomic Kitten

#16 Count Intro.

Side Rock Shuffle Back Side Rock Shuffle Back
1 2 3&4          (R)Side (L)Recover (R)Back (L)Close (R)Back
5 6 7&8          (L)Side (R)Recover (L)Back (R)Close (L)Back

Sailor Heel Ball Cross Side Close Twist Twist Twist Twist Twist Hook
1&2&3&4       (R)Behind (L)Close (R)Heel (R)Close (L)Cross (R)Side (L)Close
5&6 7&8        (R)Twist (R)Twist (R)Twist (L)Twist (L)Twist (R)1/4 Hook.

Right Hip Bump Left Hip Bump Cross Rock Side Cross Rock Side
1&2 3&4        (R)Hip (L)Hip (R)Hip (L)Hip (R)Hip (L)Hip
5&6 7&8        (R)Cross (L)Recover (R)Side (L)Cross (R)Recover (L)Side

Brush And Touch And Kick And Brush And Touch Back Back Touch Unwind
1&2 3&4       (R)Brush (R)Close (L)Tuch (L)Close (R)Kick (R)Close (L)Brush
&5&6 7 8      (L)Close (R)Tuch (R)Back (L)Back (R)Touch Behind (R)1/2 Unwind

Restart 1 With Step Change : Wall 4 After 16 Counts
Restart 2 With Step Change : Wall 7 After 16 Counts

Tag End Of Wall 8 :
(R)Twist (L)Twist (R)Twist (L)Twist (R)Twist (L)Twist

Choreographers Note. The Step Change :
Do not turn on the last twist. Keep the wall you started from 🙂

The Tag :
Twist On The Spot 🙂

Have Fun. Hope You Like It 🙂


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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