Choregraphie par :  Jessica  Devlin

Description :             64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Mars 2019

Musique :                  Nobody by Todrick Hall

Notes: 2 walls, 1 restart on wall 5 after 32 counts (change weight) start wall 6 to 9 o’clock wall

[1-8] Walk Forward R-L, Step Out, Out, Rock Forward, Sweep, Weave Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Close
1-2          Walk Forward RF, walk Forward LF
&3&4      step RF to R-Side, Step LF to L-Side, Rock RF Forward, Recover weight to LF sweeping RF from Front to Back
5&6        Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L-Side, Cross RF over LF
7&8        Rock LF to L-Side, Recover Weight to RF, Close LF next RF (to Face 10:30)

[9-16] Toe touch, recover, 1/2 stepping back, making 1/2 Toe touch, recover, Sweep, Jazz Box, Slide To Side, Touch RF next To LF
1&2        Touch R Toe Forward (to 10:30), Recover weight to LF, Make 1/2 over L-Shoulder stepping RF Back (to Face 4:30)
3&4        Make 1/2 over L-Shoulder touching LF Forward (10:30), Recover Weight to RF, Step LF forward while Sweeping RF across LF
5&6&     Step RF over LF, Step LF back, Step RF to R-Side, Step LF over RF
7,8         Take Large step with RF to Right Side, Sliding LF, touch LF Next RF

[17-24] Walk Back L-F, coaster Step, Cross Step together x2
1-2         Walk Back LF, Walk Back RF
3&4        Step LF Back, Step RF Next To LF, Step LF Forward
5&6        Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L-Side, Close RF next to LF (facing 1:30)
7&8        Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R-Side, Close LF next To RF ( Facing 10:30)

[25-32] Jazz box, step side, touch behind, ¼ Turn Step, Touch, Out Out, Step Touch
1,2         Cross RF over LF (Squaring up to 12 o’clock) step LF back
&3&4     Step RF to R-Side, Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R-Side, Touch LF behind RF
5,6         Making 1/4 turn over L-Shoulder- Step LF Forward, touch RF next to LF
& 7&8    Step RF to R-Side, Step LF to L-Side, Step RF in, Touch LF next to RF
(Restart here on wall 5)

[33-40] Sweep RF over LF, Cross, Side, Sweep LF behind RF, Step LF behind RF, Making 1/4 over R-Shoulder Step Forward on RF, Walk Forward LF, Rock Forward RF, Recover, Step Back RF, Step back LF, Making 1/2 turn over R-Shoulder, Step RF Forward
1,2&       Step Forward on LF Sweeping RF over LF, Step RF over LF, Step LF to L-Side
3,4&       Step RF Behind LF Sweeping LF behind RF, (Making 1/4 turn over R-Shoulder) stepping Forward On RF
5,6&       Walk Forward LF, Rock RF Forward, recover weight to LF
7,8&       Step RF back, Step LF Back, (making 1/2 turn over R-Shoulder) step forward on RF

[41-48] Rock LF Forward, Recover with sweep, Weave Behind Side Cross, Step Side, touch making 1/4 turn, repeat, syncopated Weave
1,2         Rock LF forward, recover weight to RF sweeping LF behind RF
3&4        step LF behind RF, Step RF to R-Side, cross LF over RF
5&6&     Step RF to R-side, (Making 1/4 over L Shoulder) touch LF next RF, Step LF to L-side, (Making 1/4 over L Shoulder), touch RF next RF (facing 12 o’clock wall)
7&8&     Step RF to R Side, step LF behind RF, Step RF to R, Cross LF over RF

[49- 56] Press Step RF, Recover, Weave, Press Recover LF, Weave ¼ Turn over R-shoulder
1,2         Press RF Forward (Facing 1:30) , Recover weight to LF
3&4        Step RF Behind LF, Step LF to L-Side, Cross RF over LF
5,6         Press LF Forward (facing 10:30), Recover weight to RF
7&8        Step LF behind RF, (Making ¼ over R-Shoulder) Step forward on RF, step Forward on LF (Facing 3 o’ Clock wall)

[57-64] Step ½ turn, Rock Forward, Close together, Walk forward L/R/L, ¼ turn, Step together
1,2         Step RF Forward, Make ½ over L-Shoulder (Transferring weight to LF)
3&4        Rock Forward on RF, Recover weight to LF, Step RF Next to LF
5,6         Walk forward LF, walk Forward RF
7&8        Walk forward LF, (Making ¼ of L-shoulder) Step RF to R Side, close LF Next to RF


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