Choregraphie par :  Hayley Wheatley (UK) 

Descripition :            32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Mars 2018

Musique :                  « Friends » by Marshmello and Anne-Marie

Please Note: There are both explicit and clean versions of this track, although the dance fits to both,
I have choreographed it to the clean version. Please e-mail me if you have any trouble getting hold of this version

Count In: 16 Counts

#32 count Tag after wall 6 facing 6:00

S1: Ball-Step, Touch, Samba Step, Diagonal Rock, Recover, Step Lock Step
&1-2      Step fwd onto LF, Step fwd onto RF, Touch L toe next to RF 12:00
3&4       Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side while angling body to 10.30, Close LF beside RF 10.30
5-6        Rock fwd onto RF, Recover onto LF 10.30
7&8       Step fwd onto RF, Lock LF behind RF, Step Fwd onto RF 10.30

S2: Touch Toe Forward, Side, Behind Side Cross, Side Touch, ¼ turn, Side Touch, Close, Kick-Ball-Step
1-2        Touch L toe fwd to 10.30, Touch L toe to L side while straightening up to 12:00 12:00
3&4       Step LF behind, Step RF to R side, Step LF across RF 12:00
5&6&    Touch R toe to R side, Step RF beside LF while pivoting ¼ turn R, Touch L toe to L side, Close LF beside RF 3:00
7&8       Kick RF fwd, Step weight onto RF, Step LF fwd 3:00

S3: Rock Forward, Recover, Back Lock Back, 1½ turn Left (Or Sailor ½ Turn), Step Lock Step
1-2        Rock fwd onto RF, Recover onto LF 3:00
3&4       Step back onto RF, Lock LF across RF, Step back onto RF 3:00
5&6       Make ½ Turn L stepping fwd onto LF, Make ½ L Stepping back onto RF, Make ½ turn L stepping fwd onto LF (alternatively make Sailor ½ turn L) 9:00
7&8       Step fwd onto RF, Lock LF behind RF, Step fwd onto RF 9:00

S4: Forward Rock, Recover, Side Rock, Recover, Sailor Step, Syncopated Half Diamond With Point
1&2&     Rock fwd onto LF, Recover onto RF, Rock LF to L side, Recover onto RF 9:00
3&4       Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Step LF to L side 9:00
5&6       Step RF fwd, Make 1/8 turn R stepping LF to L side, Make 1/8 Turn R stepping RF back 12:00
7&8       Step LF back, Make 1/8 turn R stepping RF to R side, Make 1/8 turn R while pointing L toe out to L side 3:00

TAG: Step Out L,R, Step in L,R, Step Scuff Step, Mambo Step, Coaster Step ¼ Turn (Repeat x3)
At the end of wall 6 replace step 32 with a touch of L toe beside RF (instead of to the side) Perform the following tag Facing at 6:00
1&2&     Step LF out, Step RF out, Step LF in, Step RF in 6:00
3&4       Step fwd onto LF, Scuff RF fwd, Step fwd onto RF 6:00
5&6       Rock fwd onto LF, Recover onto RF, Close LF beside RF 6:00
7&8       Step back onto RF making ¼ turn R, Close LF beside RF, Step fwd onto RF 9:00
Repeat these 8 counts x3 until you return to 6:00 then begin the dance again

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