One Kind of Woman

Choregraphie par :   Tracie Lee, Sydney Australia,

Description :               64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Janvier 2018

Musique :                   One Kind of Woman I Like by Shenandoah. Album: Under the Kudzu


S1: Rock, recover, shuffle back, rock back, recover 1/2 shuffle
1-2        Rock fwd onto L, recover back onto R
3&4       Shuffle back L,R,L
5-6        Rock back onto R, recover fwd onto L
7&8       Shuffle fwd R,L,R Making a 1/2 turn L

S2: Rock back, recover, 1/2 shuffle, 1/4 turn step R side, L across, R side, L heel
1-2        Rock back onto L, recover fwd onto R
3&4       Shuffle L,R,L making a 1/2 turn R
&           Turn 1/4 turn R
5-8        Step R to R side, Step L across R, Step R to R side, touch L heel at 45 deg L

S3: Ball cross, Side, double heel tap, Ball cross 1/2 turn, cross
&1-2      Step back on L, Step R across L, Step L to L side
3-4        Tap R heel twice at 45 deg R
&5         Step back onto R, Step L across R
6-8        Turn 1/4 turn L & step R back, Turn 1/4 turn L & Step L to L side, Step R across L

S4: Side, 1/4 pivot, fwd shuffle, Rocking chair
1-2        Step L to L side, pivot 1/4 turn R
3&4       Shuffle fwd L,R,L
5-8        Rock fwd onto R, recover back onto L, rock back on R, recover fwd onto L

S5: Shuffle fwd, 1/2 pivot, Shuffle fwd, 1/2 pivot,
1&2       Shuffle fwd R,L,R
3-4        Step L fwd, pivot 1/2 turn R
5&6       Shuffle fwd L,R,L
7-8        Step R fwd, pivot 1/2 turn L

S6: Step point x 2, jazz box
1-4        Step R fwd, Point L toe to L side, Step L fwd, point R toe to R side
5-8        Step R across L, Step back onto L, Step R to R side, Step L fwd

S7: Step 1/4 tap, Step 1/4 tap, ball step, step fwd, 1/4 pivot
1-4        Step R fwd, turn 1/4 turn L & tap L to L side, step down onto L, turn 1/4 turn R & tap R fwd
&5-6      Step back onto R, walk fwd L then R
7-8        Step L fwd, pivot 1/4 turn R

S8: Sailor steps x 2, Boogie walk fwd
1&2       L sailor step
3&4       R sailor step turning 1/4 turn R
5-8        Boogie walk fwd L,R,L,R
[64] Begin again

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