One Of These Nights

Choregraphie par :  Tonnie  Vos

Description :             64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Avril 2019

Musique :                  One Of These Nights – The Sunny Cowgirls

Intro : 32 counts

Step right, back, side, cross, ½ turn right, rock bkw, recover, kickball step
1-2&3            RF step right, LF cross behind rf, RF step right, LF across rf
4-5-6LF&      RF ½ turn right weight on lf, RF rock bkw , recover to LF (6:00)
7&8               RF kick fw, RF step on front of foot, LF step fw

Rock fw, recover, shuffle ½ turn r, walk fw l-r, mambo ¼ left
1-2                RF rock fw, recover to LF
3&4               RF ¼ turn right,LF beside rf, RF ¼ turn right (12:00)
5-6                LF step fw, RF stap fw
7&8               LF rock fw, recover to rf, LF ¼ turn left ( 9:00)

Cross, back, side, crossrock, recover, chasse l, crossrock, recover
1-2&             RF across lf, LF step bkw, RF, step right
3-4                LF rock across rf, recover to RF
5&6               LF step left, RF beside lf, LF step left
7-8                RF rock across lf, recover to LF

Side, tog, chasse ¼ r, l step fw, ½ turn r hook, shuffle fw
1-2                RF step right, LF beside rf
3&4               RF step right, LF beside rf, RF ¼ turn right (12:00)
5-6                LF step fw, LF + RF ½ turn right Hook rf over lf (6:00)
7&8               RF step fw, LF beside rf, RF step fw

Rock fw, recover, shuffle ½ turn left, turn ½ left 2x, mambo fw
1-2                LF rock fw, recover to RF
3&4               LF ¼ turn left,RF beside lf, LF ¼ turn left (12:00)
5-6                ½ turn left RF step bkw, ½ turn left LF step fw
7&8               RF rock fw,recover to LF,Rf step bkw

Point left, point fw, point left, step bkw, point Right, point fw, point right, step bkw
1-2                LF point left, LF point fw
3-4                LF point left LF step bkw
5-6                RF point right, RF point fw
7-8                RF point right, RF step bkw

Point left, step fw, point right, step fw, ¼ turn right, coasterstep, step fw
1-2                LF point left, LF step fw
3-4-5            RF point right , RF step fw, LF ¼ turn right step bkw (3:00)
6&7-8           RF step bkw, LF beside rf, LF step fw

Jazzbox ¼ turn right, rocking chair
1-2                RF across lf, LF ¼ turn right (6:00)
3-4                RF step right, LF step fw
5-6                RF rock fw, recover to LF
7-8                RF rock bkw, recover to LF


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