Only a Fool

Choregraphie par :  Norman  Gifford

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire facile, Janvier 2019

Musique  :                  Only a Fool – Bouke – 72 BPM

Rolling rhythm in 4/4 meter

(Step forward, forward lock-step, rock-step, back-lock-step, sweep behind)
1           Right step forward
2,a3      Left step forward; right lock behind; left step forward
4-5        Right rock forward; left replace back
6,a7      Right step back; left cross-lock; right step back
8           Left sweep behind

(Step side, cross-rock into sways, cross-lock-step, reverse-turn ½ right)
1           Right step side
2,a3      Left cross-rock; right replace; left step side in hip sway
4-5        Hip sway right; hip sway left
6,a7      Right crossover; left lock behind; right step crossed over
8           Left step side in spin turn ½ right [6:00]
*** [ENDING] (on 6:00 Wall #7, you will be facing 12:00)

(Step side, syncopated serpientè, pivot turn ¼ right, step-lock)
1           Right step side
2,a3      Left sweep across; right step side; left step back
4,a5      Right sweep behind; left step side; right crossover
6-7        Left step side; pivot turn ¼ right
8,a        Left step forward; right lock behind

(Step forward, sweep, sweep, mambo-step back, sweeps back, sailor-step turning ½ right )
1-3        Left step forward; right sweep forward; left sweep forward
4&a      Right rock forward; left replace; right step back
5-7        Left sweep back; right sweep back; left sweep back
8,a        Right sweep back turning ½ right; left together [3:00]


*** ENDING: Done slowly to match the speed of the lyrics
(Right long step side, hold, left step side, hold, right step side, hold, night-club steps right and left)
1-3        Right long step side; hold (2-3) hold through (« only a »)
4           Left step side (« fool »); hold through (« breaks his own »)
5           Right long step side on « heart » (wait for it!!!)
6,a7      Left rock back; right replace; left long step side
8,a1      Right rock back; left replace; right long step side into pose


Last Update – 31st Jan. 2019


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