Open Up

Choregraphie par :   Dirk  Leibing

Description  :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Avril 2019

Musique :                   Open Up – Matt Simons

Intro: 8 counts

Step, Side Rock, Cross, Side, Back, Back, Turn,
1            Step RF forward(1)
2&3        Rock LF left(2), Recover on RF(&), Cross LF in front of RF(3)
4&5        Step RF right(4), Turn 1/8 left stepping LF back(&)(10:30), Step RF back(5)
6&7        Turn 1/8 left stepping LF left(6)(9:00), Turn 1/8 left stepping RF forward(&)(7:30), Step LF forward(7)

Cross Mambo(2x), Cross, Back, Back, Behind, Side, Cross
8&1        Rock RF forward(8), Recover on LF(&), Turn 1/8 right stepping RF right(1)(9:00)
2&3        Rock LF to the right diagonal(2)(10:30), Recover on RF(&), Turn 1/8 left(3)(9:00)
4&5        Cross RF in front of LF(4), Step LF back(&), Step RF slightly right&back(5)
6&7        Step LF behind RF(6), Step RF right(&), Turn 1/8 right stepping LF forward(7)(10:30)

Triple ½ Turn, Coaster Step, Prizzy Walk(R,L), Mambo Step
8&1        Turn 1/4 left stepping RF right(8)(7:30), Close LF next to RF(&), Turn 14 left stepping RF back While sweeping LF from front to back(1)(4:30)
2&3        Step LF back(2), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(3)
4-5         Step RF forward(4), Step LF forward(5)
6&7        Rock RF forward(6), Recover on LF(&), Step RF back(7)(still 4:30)

Behind, Side, Cross, Sway(2x), Cross & Cross, 1/4 Turn, Step, ½ Turn
8&1        Step LF back(8), Turn 1/8 right stepping RF right(&)(6:00), Turn 1/8 right stepping LF forward(1)(7:30)
2-3         Sway right(2), Sway left(3)(6:00)
4&5        Cross RF in front of LF(4), Step(small) LF left(&), Cross RF in front of LF(5)
6-7-8      Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward(6)(3:00), Step RF forward(7), Turn ½ left (weight on LF now)(8)(9:00)

Finish the dance with the coaster Step in wall 8 on counts 17&18 to the front

Start again – Have Fun

Dirk Leibing –


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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