Play That Song Easy

Choregraphie par :   Annette  LAPP

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2017

Musique :                  Play That Song by Train. Album: A Girl A Bottle A Boat

Intro: 8 count

Shuffle Forward x 2, Rocking Chair
1 & 2    Step right forward, left beside right, step right forward
3 & 4    Step left forward, right beside left, step left forward
5 – 6    Rock right forward, recover onto left
7 – 8    Rock right back, recover onto left

Side Right, Left Heel Dig, Side Left, Right Heel Dig, Step Back, Touch x 2
1 – 2    Step Right to right side, left heel dig diagonally to Left
3 – 4    Step left to left side, right heel dig diagonally to right
5 – 6    Step right back, touch left beside right
7 – 8    Step left back, touch right beside left

Chasse Right, Back Rock, Side, Touch Right Behind Left, Side, Touch Left Behind Right
1 & 2    Step right to right, step left beside right, step right to right
3 – 4    Rock left back, recover onto right
5 – 6    Step left to left side, touch right behind left
7 – 8    Step right to right side, touch left behind right (feel free to swing your arms in front of you)

Chasse Left, Back Rock, Step Forward, ¼ Turn Left, Walk Right, Walk Left
1 & 2    Step left to left side, step right beside left, step left to left side
3 – 4    Rock right back, recover onto left
5 – 6    Step right forward, turn ¼ left
7 – 8    Walk right forward, walk left forward

Restart: On wall 3 and 7 after 16 count, but you can do the dance without restart, if you wish
Ending: After the two last steps in section 4: Walk, walk – turn ¼ left (12.00)


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