Choregraphie par :  Jessica Devlin, Lauren Forsyth, Nicola Lafferty & Barbara Seelt (French Masters)

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant, Février 2019

Musique :                   Play by Jax Jones and Years & Years (Snacks – EP)

Intro: 32 Counts

[1-8] Diagonal Slide, Touch Out, Touch In – Repeat
1,2      Slide RF a big step to R diagonal, Touch LF next to RF
3,4      Touch LF out, Touch LF next to RF
5,6      Slide LF a big step to L diagonal, Touch RF next to LF
7,8      Touch RF out, Touch RF next to LF

[9-16] Walk Back, Hold, Walk Back, Hold, Slow Coaster, ¼ Turn
1,2      Walk back on RF, Hold
3,4      Walk back on LF, Hold
5,6      Walk back on RF, Close LF to RF
7,8      Step RF fwd, ¼ Turn L taking weight to LF foot (face 9.00)

[17-24] Cross, Back, Side Shuffle, Cross, Back, Side Shuffle with ¼ Turn
1,2      Cross RF over LF, Step LF back
3&4     Step RF to R side, Close LF to RF, Step RF to R side
5,6      Cross LF over RF, Step RF back
7&8     Step LF to L side, Close RF to LF, Step LF fwd making ¼ turn L (face 6.00)

[25-32] Side Touches, Heel, Hitch, Heel, Head Nods
1,2      Touch RF to R side, Close RF to LF
3,4      Touch LF to L side, Close LF to RF
5&       Touch R heel fwd, Hitch R knee (optional arm: slap R knee with L hand on the hitch)
6         Touch R heel fwd (optional arm: keep L arm up at chest height, elbow bent)
7,8      Hold feet still, nod head twice (face 6.00)

Begin again


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