Pockets Full Of Sunshine

Choregraphie par :   Frederick FUNG

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mai 2017

Musique :                 Pocketful Of Sunshine par Natasha Bedingfield

Musical Introduction: 16 Counts

Section 1: Chasse R, LF Rock back, RF Recover, Chasse L, RF Rock back, LF Recover (12:00)
1&2      Step RF to side, close LF next to RF (&), step RF to side
3, 4      LF Rock back, RF Recover
5&6      Step LF to side, close RF next to LF (&), step LF to side
7, 8      RF Rock back, LF Recover

Section 2: RF Toe Heel Cross, LF Step fwd, RF Charleston fwd & back, LF Charleston back & fwd
1-3       RF Toe, Heel, Step slightly cross forward
4          LF step forward in front of RF
5-6       Sweep R toe forward, sweep RF back
7-8       Sweep L toe backward, sweep LF forward

Section 3: RF Step R, R Hip Ball Change, ¼ turn L, Step LF side, RF hitch above ankle, Chasse R
1          Step RF to R with slight knee bent
2          Swing right hip to right to straighten RF up
3          Close LF next to RF,
&          Press LF ball hard to make ¼ turn to left
4          RF step forward (with RF pointing 12:00 and head facing 9:00)
5          Make ¼ turn to right, LF steps side to left(facing 12:00)
6          RF hitch above LF lower calf
7&8      Step RF to side, close LF next to RF, step RF to side

Section 4: LF Step down, RF Jive kick cross, RF Step down, LF Toe point cross, 1/4 turn L, LF Jive walk, 1/4 turn L, RF Jive walk, 1/4 turn L, LF Step lock step
1, 2      LF step down in place, RF kicks towards 11:00
3, 4      RF step down in place, LF toe point towards 1:00
5          Make 1/4 turn L, LF Jive walk forward (RF hitch above lower calf)
6          Make 1/4 turn L, RF Jive walk forward (LF hitch above ankle)
7&8      Make 1/4 turn L, step LF forward, lock RF behind LF, step LF forward


TAG – At the end of Wall #6 facing 6:00, add the following 4 counts for LF and RF:
1 – 4      Twist left (1), Twist right (2), Twist left (3), Twist right (4) or
Disco R(1-2) and Disco L(3-4)

ENDING on WALL #10 after dancing up to 20 counts.


For Song & Step Sheet, please contact: Passionff0118@gmail.com
Last Update – May 6, 2017


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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