Pray For Me

Choregraphie par :  Dans & Moro – Heidi Brenden og Siv Anita Jørstad Norway

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire Facile Phrasé, Avril 2020

Musique :                  Pray for Me, Kristin Husøy

Part A: 16 count 4 wall: Section 1
Walk forward R, L, Sailor 1/2 turn, Kick cross rock recover x2
1, 2, 3        Step fwd RF(1)step fwd LF(2)Cross RF behind LF(3) 12:00
& 4             Make ½ turn Right, stepping LF to left side(&) Step RF fwd(4) 06:00
5 & 6          kick LF fwd(5)cross LF in front of RF(&)rock RF back to R diagonal(6)
&                Recover on LF (&)
7 & 8          Kick RF fwd(7)cross RF in front of LF(&)Rock LF back to left diagonal(8) 06:00
&                Recover on RF

Part A: Section 2
Jazzbox ¼ turn, side touches, step together, Kneepop
1, 2            Cross LF in front of RF(1)Step RF bwd(2)
3, 4            Step LF ¼ turn L(3) Cross RF in front of LF(4) 03:00
5 & 6         Point LF to L side(5) Close LF next RF(&) Point RF to R side(6)
& 7             Close RF next to LF(&)Point LF to L side(7)
8                Drag LF next to RF while popping R Knee(8) 03:00

Part B: 16 counts 2 wall: Section 1
Diamondshape turn, Chasse left
1                Make with RF a large step fwd towards right diagonal (07:30) while turning left facing 13:30
2                Close LF next to right
3                Make with LF a large step diagonally forward facing 16:30
4                Close RF next to left
5                Make with RF a large step right while turning left facing 06:00
6                Touch LF next to Right
7 & 8         Step LF to left side(1)close RF next to left(&) Step LF to left side(2) 06:00

Part B: Section 2
Chasse L, Skate x4, Mambo step, Coaster step
1                Step RF fwd while twisting feet and body to right diagonal(3)
2                Step LF fwd While twisting feet and body to left diagonal(4)
3, 4            Repete 1, 2
5 & 6         Press RF fwd(5) recover on LF(&)Step RF back(6)
7 & 8         Step LF back(7)Close RF next to Left(&)Step LF fwd(8)

Note1 : First time you dance BB you will be facing 06:00 Second time you will be facing 12:00
Note2: There is 2 short breaks in the music: Break 1 is 4 counts, you have time to do a bodyroll ore optional hip roll.
Break 2 is only 2 counts but you can still do a bodyroll/hip roll😊


Sequence: AA BB AAA Break 1 AAA Break 2 BB AA Break 2 A

Ending: Bodyroll facing 09:00



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