Choregraphie  par  :   Linda  SCOTT

Description :               32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2017

Musique :                    All the Pretty Girls by Kenny Chesney

Intro: 32 count start

[1-8] Right Shuffle, Left Shuffle, Skate, Skate, Right Shuffle
1&2      Right Diagonal forward shuffle, Right, Left, Right
3&4      Left Diagonal Forward shuffle, Left Right Left
5,6       Right Skate, Left Skate
7&8      Right Shuffle Forward

[9-16] Left toe behind ½ turn left, cross shuffle, Rock to Side, Behind side cross
1,2       Place left toe behind right while turning ½ turn to left transferring weight to left foot (6:00)
3&4      Cross Right over left, step left to side, cross step right over left
5,6       Rock to left side, recover on right
7&8      Cross left behind right, step right to side, cross left over right

[17-24] Right Toe to side, Left toe to side, Right Heel Forward, Left Heel Forward, Step forward, Hip and hip
1&2&    Point Right toe to right side, recover on right, point left to left side. Recover on left
3&4&   Tap Right heel forward, Tap left heel forward
5,6       Step Right forward, place left next to right
7&8      Hip & hip

[25-32] Step ¼, Jazz Box, Kick Ball Change
1,2       Step right forward turning ¼ to left (transfer weight to left) (3:00)
3,4,5,6 Cross right over left, Step left back, Step right to side, place left next to right
7&8      Kick right forward, step on ball of right foot, Step down on left.

Begin again!

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Pretty Girls

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