Primer Beso

Choregraphie par :  Kate  SALA

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juin 2016

Musique :                  Enamorandonos par CABAS

Intro: 32 counts from the beginning of vocals.

Diagonal Walk Forward x 3, Kick, Diagonal Walk Back x 3, Ball Change.
1 – 4      On right diagonal walk forward on R, L, R, Kick L forward.
5 – 7      Still on the diagonal walk back on L, R, L.
& 8        Facing 12:00, step down on ball of R. Change weight stepping down on L.

Jazzbox With Cross, Side Step Right With Shimmy, Step Left With Shimmy, Scuff Across.
1 – 4      Cross step R over L. Step back on L. Step R to right side. Cross step L over R.
5 – 6      Take a big step right and shimmy the shoulders. Touch L next to R instep.
7 – 8      Take a big step left and shimmy the shoulders. Scuff R across L.

Cross Rock Step, Chasse 1/4 Turn R, Shuffle 1/2 Turn Right, Rock Back.
1 – 2      Cross rock on R over L. Recover on to L.
3 & 4     Step R to right side. Step L next to R. Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on R.
5 & 6     Turn 1/4 right stepping L to left side. Step R next to L. Turn 1/4 right stepping back on L.
7 – 8      Rock back on R. Recover on to L.

Step Forward, Point x 2, Step pivot 1/2 Turn, Kick Ball Change.
1 – 2      Step forward on R. Point L out to left side.
3 – 4      Step forward on L. Point R out to right side.
5 – 6      Step forward on R. Pivot 1/2 turn left.
7 & 8     Kick R forward. Step down on ball of R. Step down on L.




Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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