Putting Your Lights On

Choregraphie par :  Donnie  ALLEN

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Novembre 2017

Musique :                   Lights by Bobby Green

Intro: Starts on vocal

**2 Restarts on Wall 4 & 8 after 16 counts

R Cross Rock, Recover, R Side Shuffle, L Cross Rock, Recover, L Side Shuffle
1-2           Cross rock RF over LF, Recover onto LF
3&4          Step RF to R, Step LF next to RF, step RF to R side
5-6           Cross rock LF over RF, Recover onto RF
7&8          Step LF to L, Step RF next to LF, Step LF to L side

R Rock Forward, Recover, ½ turn Shuffle R, L Rock Forward, Recover ½ turn Shuffle L
1-2           Rock Forward RF, Recover LF
3&4          ½ turn Shuffle RF, LF, RF (6:00)
5-6           Rock Forward LF, Recover RF
7&8          ½ turn Shuffle, LF, RF, LF (12:00)
Restart walls 4 & 8

Step R, L Together (option: L lock behind), ¼ turn R Shuffle Forward, ½ turn Pivot R, Left Shuffle Forward
1-2           Step RF to R, Step LF together (option: L lock behind w / R knee pop)
3&4           ¼ turn R, Shuffle Forward RF, LF, RF (3:00)
5-6           Step Forward on LF, ½ turn Pivot R stepping on RF (9:00)
7&8          Left Shuffle Forward, LF, RF, LF

R Mambo Forward, L Coaster Back, Paddle ½ turn L
1&2          Step Forward RF, Recover LF, Step RF next to LF
3&4          Step LF back, RF beside LF, LF Forward
5-6-7-8     Paddle ½ turn L, 1/8 turn each count (add some style by doing hip rolls w/paddles) (3:00)

Hope you enjoy!! Donnie

Donnie Allen: Email: linedancer 51@yahoo.com


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