Right Now With You

Choregraphie par :  Liselotte Oegaard (Øgaard) (DK)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2020

Musique :                   Mo Pitney, Right Now With You. (iTunes)

Intro: 16 Counts.

S1.(R) Step lock Step Lock Step, (V) Step Lock Step Lock Step.
1-2        Step fwd. on Right, Lock left behind right
3&4       Step Fwd. on right, Lock left behind right, Step fwd. on right.
5-6        Step Fwd. on left, Lock right behind left,
7&8       Step fwd. on left, Lock right behind left, step fwd. on left. (12:00).

S2. Step ¼ Turn (L) Cross shuffle, 2X ¼ Turn Right (Hinge) Cross shuffle.
1-2        Step Fwd. on Right, turn ¼ left
3&4       Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left. (9.00).
5-6        Step back on left turning ¼ (R) Step right to right side, turning ¼ (R) (3:00).
7&8       Cross left over Right, step right to right side, Cross left over right.

S3. Monterey ¼ (R) Monterey ½ (R).
1-2        Point R to right side , Turn 1/4 R on ball of Left, Step down on Right,
3-4        Point L to left side L, Step down on L , beside right(6:00).
5-6        Point R to right side, Turn ½ (R) on ball of left
7-8        Point left to left side, step down on Left , beside right (12:00).

During wall 9 There is a small stepchange/tag instead of making ¼ + ½ Monterey
You dance 3 X ¼ Monterey and restart the dance (12:00).

S4. (R) Side Rock, Behind side, Cross, (L) Side Rock, behind Turn ¼ (R) Fwd.
1-2        Step right to right side, Recover on left
3&4       Cross right behind left, step left to left side, Cross right over left (12:00).
5-6        Step left to left side, recover on right
7&8       Cross left behind right, turn ¼ (R) on right, step Fwd. on left. (3:00)

There is an ending in this dance –
After restart
You dance the first 12 counts until step ¼ (L) Cross shuffle, Then turn ¼ (R) stepping back on (L) step back on right, Cross point your left, over right hold.

Have Fun and enjoy this wonderfull song.

Contact: dobiedeb@hotmail.com.

Last Update – 12 July 2020


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