Rockin’ in God’s Country

Choregraphie par :  Carol  Cotherman

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Novembre 2019

Musique :                  God’s Country – Blake Shelton

#16-count intro.

Nightclub Basic Right, Nightclub Basic Left, ¼ Turn, Nightclub Basic Right, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn
1-2&        Big step to right, rock left behind right, recover to right
3-4&        Big step to left, rock right behind left, recover to left
5-6&        ¼ Turn left with big step to right, rock left behind right, recover to right
7-8&        Big step to left, step right behind left, ¼ turn left stepping left forward (6:00)

Step, Lock, Step, Step, Lock, Step, Forward, Ball StepTogether, Diagonal Rock, Recover, Side, Diagonal Rock, Recover, Side
1&2          Step right to right diagonal, lock left behind right, step right to right diagonal
&3&         Step left to left diagonal, lock right behind left, step left to left diagonal
4&           Step right forward to left diagonal, step right ball by left (4:30)
5-6&        Rock right forward to left diagonal (4:30), recover to left, step right to side squaring up to 6:00
7-8&        Rock left forward to right diagonal (7:30), recover to right, step left to side squaring up to 6:00

Forward Rock, Recover, Together, Back Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn, Back Rock, Recover, ½ Turn, Back Rock, Recover, Ball Step Together,
1-2&        Rock right forward, recover to left, step right ball back by left (&)
3-4&        Rock left back, recover to right, ¼ turn right stepping left ball back (&) (9:00)
5-6&        Rock right back, recover to left, ½ turn left stepping on right (3:00)
7-8&        Rock left back, recover to right, step left ball together

Step, Sweep, ¼ Fall-Away Diamond, Cross, Step, ¼ Turn, Shuffle, Draw/Touch
1-2&        Step right forward sweeping left from back to front, cross left over right, step right back
3-4&        Step left back making 1/8 turn left, step right back, step left to side making 1/8 turn left (12:00)
5-6&        Step right across left, step left to side, ¼ turn right stepping right forward
7&8&      Step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward, draw right beside left (3:00)

Ending: On the final wall, you will be facing 12:00 as you start Section 3. Dance the first 4 counts as written.
Don’t turn on the & count. Just step left beside right. Then step right forward on count 5.


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