Choregraphie par :  Jo Boocock & Bex Roper (New Zealand)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Août 2020

Musique :                  Charlie Puth – How Long

#16 count intro (weight on Right)

L Side Rock Recover, L Shuffle Fwd, Step 1/4 L, R Sailor Step [9:00]
1 2 3&4        Rock left to left, Recover on R, Left fwd, R tog, Left fwd
5 6 7&8        R fwd, 1/4 L, Right behind left, Left to left side, Right to right side

Step behind unwind 1/2 L, R Kick ball change, R to R, drag L to R, L Kick ball change. [3:00]
1 2 3&4        LF behind R, Unwind 1/2 to L (weight on left), R kick ball change,
5 6 7&8        Step R to right side, drag LF by R, L kick ball change

L fwd rock recover, L rock recover side, L behind side 1/2 R [9:00]
1 2 3 4         LF rock fwd, recover on R, LF side rock, recover on R
5 6 7 8         LF behind R, Step R into 1/4 R, Step LF fwd, 1/4 R with weight on R

L Samba, R Samba, L Jazz Box
1&2 3&4      Cross LF over R, RF to right side, step LF by right, Cross RF over L, LF to left side, step right by left
5 6 7 8         Left over R, R to side, Left back, Right Fwd

Restart – on Wall 3 after 16 counts

Ending – Facing 9:00 do the first 4 counts, then 1% turn R to 12:00 on count 5


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