Shape Of You

Choregraphie par :   Jennifer  OLIPHANT

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Janvier 2017

Musique :                  Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Intro – 16 counts

(1-8) Walk R & L, Step ½ turn, Step ½ turn, out, out, in, in, Hip rolls
1-2        Walk forward R, L
3&4&    Step forward R ½ turn (weight on L), Step forward R ½ turn (weight on L)
5&6&    Hop forward Out (R), Out (L), Then return to original position In (R), In (L)
7-8        Roll hips 2 counts (weight on L)

(9-16) Weave R, Step R, Slide L, Shuffle L, ¼ turn L, Rocking horse
1&2&    Weave R (Step R to side, L behind, R to side, L front)
3-4        Step R to side, Slide L into R
5&6       Shuffle L (L, R, L)
7&8&    ¼ turn L, Rocking horse (R forward, Recover L, R back, Recover L)

(17-24) ¼ L, Hip bumps, 1/4 turn L Coaster, R heel, L heel, R forward body roll
1-2        ¼ turn L, Step R to side, 2 hip bumps to R
3&4       Turn ¼ Left Swinging Left back, Right next to Left, Step forward on Left
5-6        R heel forward, L heel forward
7-8        R forward, push shoulders forward, body roll down (weight on L)

(25-32) Coaster, R ½ turn kick, Coaster, L Rock Recover, Step
1&2       Right Coaster (Step Back on R, Left Next to Right, and forward on R)
3-4        Step forward L, ½ turn R, kick R forward
5&6       Right Coaster (Step Back on R, Left Next to Right, and forward on R)
7&8       Rock L to side, Recover R, Step forward L

No Tags, No Restarts! This is a very flirty song so get into it and enjoy!



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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