She Just Wants to Dance

Choregraphie par :  Rick  Todd

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Avril 2019

Musique :                  She Just Wants to Dance By: Johnny Reid

Side shuffle Right and Left. ( Lindy )
1&2        Side shuffle to right (R L R )
3-4         Rock back on left, recover on right
5&6        Side shuffle to left ( L R L )
7-8         Rock back on right, recover on left

Shuffle forward ( R L R ) Step forward on left & pivot ½ to right, Shuffle forward ( L R L ) Step forward on right & pivot ¼ turn left
1&2        Shuffle forward R L R
3-4         Step forward on left and pivot ½ turn to your right
5&6        Shuffle forward L R L
7-8.        Step forward on right, pivot ¼ turn to your left

Walk forward R L R and Kick, Walk back L R L and touch R
1-4         Walk forward R L R and kick your left foot forward
5-8         Walk back L R L and touch your right foot next to your left

Rock Right and cross shuffle, Rock Left and Cross Shuffle
1-2         Rock to right side, recover to left
3&4        Cross right over left and shuffle R L R
5-6         Rock to left side, recover to right
7&8        Cross left over right and shuffle L R L

Repeat dance…

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