Silent Storm

Choregraphie par :  José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Jean-Pierre Madge (CH), Roy Verdonk (NL) 

Description :              60 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire Phrasée, Novembre 2018

Musique :                    Silent Storm by Carl Espen

Sequence: A – B – A – TAG – A8 Restart A – B – A

Intro – 16 counts

Part A: 32 counts
¼ Rock R, Recover ¼ R, ½ turn R, Step ¼ turn R, Cross Shuffle 1/8Rock , Sweeps back, Cross behind, Side
1-2&      ¼ R and Rock R forward, recover L (3:00), make ½ R stepping R forward (9:00)
3&         Step L forward (9:00), ¼ R Step R to R (12:00),
4&5       Cross L over R (12:00), Step R to R, Cross Rock L over R facing diagonal (1:30)
6-7        Step R back Sweep L out (1:30), Step L back Sweep R out (1:30),
8&         Step R back (1:30), 1/8 L Step L to L (12:00)

Cross- Rock. recover and Jazz box and ¾ R, Walk sweep, Step Touch.
1-2&      Cross Rock R over L (12:00), Recover on L, Step R to R
3&4&    Cross L over R, Step R back, Step L to L, Cross R over L (12:00)
5           Step L to L and turn ¾ to your R (9:00)
6-7        Step R forward and sweep L out, Step L forward and sweep R out
8&         Step R forward, Touch L behind R (9:00)

Sweep, Behind and Rock and Coaster cross, Rock ¼ turn R, Step ¼ turn
1-2&      Step L back and Sweep R out, Cross R behind L, 1/8L and Step L forward (7:30)
3&4       Rock R forward (7:30), recover on L, 1/8 L Step R back (6:00)
&5         Step L next R, Cross R over L (6:00)
6-7        Slow Rock L to L, recover ¼ R Step R forward (9:00)
8&         Step L forward, ¼ R (12:00)

Rock, 2 steps back, Coaster step, Walk, Stomp, Hold
1-2&      Rock L forward, Recover back on R, Step L back,
3&4       Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R forward
&5         Step L forward, Stomp R next L and open your hands
6-7-8     While you are raising R arm up slowly in front of you, Bring L Index in front of your mouth (12:00)

Part B: 18 counts
Rock back, Full turn, Rock forward, Back-Back, Rock, 3/8Turn L, Point, Spiral
1-2&3    Rock R back to diagonal (10:30), Recover on L, ½ L Step R back (4:30), ½ L Step-Rock L forward (10:30)
4&5       Step R back, Step L back, Rock R back (10:30)
6-7        Recover on L doing 3/8L (6:00), Touch R to R and Bring R hand up, prepare your body to turn R
8            Keeping weight on your L and R pointing out, do a full turn R (6:00)

Walk, Walk, ¼ R Cross, Side, Back Cross, ¼ big Step back, Side Cross Rock, Recover, Cross, Touch.
1-2&      Step R forward, Step L to L, ¼ R and Cross R over L (9:00)
3-4&      Big Step L to L, Step R behind L, Cross L over R
5-6&      ¼ L Big Step R back, Step L to L (6:00), Cross R over L
7-8        Rock L to L, Recover on R
1-2        Cross L over R, Touch R next L

Tag : 6 counts
1-2        Slow point R to R while you lift L arm up to L diagonal
3-4        ¼ R Step R forward (3:00), ½ R Step L back (9:00)
5-6        ¼ R and touch R to R side while your L arm is up, Drag R next to L doing a spiral ½ R and bring L arm Down (12:00) Weight is on your L to start with A

Hope you enjoyed it ! Smile and restart the dance !


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