So Happy Now

Choregraphie par :  Myra Harrold (Ecosse)

Description :              64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire facile Phrasée, Septembre 2018

Musique :                    Happy Now By Zedd & Elley Duhe (Single)

Intro: On Vocals

Part A Counts: 32. Always Begins At 12 O-Clock
Sect:A1 – R Fwd,Sweep L,Cross Rock ,Recover,Sweep L Step Back,Sweep R Rock Back,Recover,3/4 Turn
1,2,3,4          Rf Fwd,Sweep Lf (1)Rock Lf Over Rf(2)Recover On Rf,Sweep Lf Back(3)Step Lf Back,Sweep Rf Back(4) (12)
5,6&7,8        Rock Rf Back(5)Recover On Lf(6)Pivot 1/2 L,Rf Back(&)Pivot 1/4 L,Step Lf To L(7)Hold(8) (3)

Sect:A2 – Ball Change 1/4 Turn , Repeat Sect:1
Close Lf To Rf(&)Turn 1/4 R And Repeat All Of Sect:1 (You Will Finish Sect:2 At 9 O-Clock)

Sect:A3 – Ball Change,Cross Point,Side Point,Behind,Side,Cross Rock,Recover,Syncopated Grapevine
&1,2,3,4&     Close Rf To Lf(&)Lf To L(1)Point R Toe Across Lf(2)Point R Toe To R(3)Rf Behind Lf(4)Lf To L(&) (9)
5,6&7&8       Rock Rf Over Lf,Recover On Lf(6)Step Rf To R(&)Cross Lf Over Rf(7)Step Rf To R(&)Step Lf Behind Rf(8)(9)

Sect:A4 – Step R,Cross L,Point R,Full Monterey,Side Rock,Recover,Diagonal Rock,Recover,Ball Change L,R Fwd,Pivot 1/2 Onto Lf
&1,2,3&4      Rf Step R(&)Step Lf Over Rf(1)Point R Toe To R(2)Full Turn R On The Spot,Step Rf Beside Lf(3)Rock Lf To L (&)Recover On Rf(4) (9)
5,6&7,8        Turn 1/8 R,Rock Lf Fwd(5)Recover On Rf(6)Close Lf To Rf(&)Step Rf Fwd(7)Pivot 3/8 L Onto Lf(8) (6)

Part B Counts:32. Always Begins At 6-Oclock
Sect:B1 – Side Ball Cross,Side Ball Cross,Rock Fwd,Recover,1/4 Turn,R Fwd,L Fwd,Pivot 1/2,Fwd R,L
1,2&3,4&      Rf Long Step R(1)Rock Lf Behind Rf(2)Cross Rf Over Lf(&)Lf Long Step L(3)Rock Rf Behind Lf(4)Cross Lf Over Rf(&) (6)
5,6&7&8       Rock Rf Fwd(5)Recover On Lf(6)Turn 1/4 R,Rf Fwd(&)Lf Fwd (7)Pivot 1/2 R, Onto Rf(&)Lf Fwd(8) (3)

Sect:B2 – Ball Change Fwd,Rock Fwd,Recover,Ball Change Back R,Sweep,Back L,Sweep,Back R,Rock L,Recover,Behind,Rock R,Recover,Behind,Sweep
&1,2&3,4      Rf Fwd(&)Rock Lf Fwd(1)Recover On Rf(2)Close Lf To Rf(&)Rf Back,Sweep Lf(3)Lf Back, Sweep Rf(4) (3)
5&6&7&8     Rf Behind Lf(5)Rock Lf To L(&)Recover To Rf(6)Lf Behind Rf(&)Rock Rf To R(7)**Recover To Lf(&)Rf Behind Lf,Sweep Lf (8)
**Restart Here**

Sect:B3 – Rock Back, Recover,Turn 1/4,Back L,Back R,Recover,Turn 1/2,Back R,L,R Coaster Cross/Walks
1,2&3,4        Rock Lf Back(1)Recover On Rf(2)Turn 1/4 R,Lf Back(&)Rock Rf Back(3) Recover On Lf(4) (6)
&5,6&7,8     Turn 1/2 L,Back Rf(&)Back Lf(5)Back Rf(6)Close Lf To Rf(&)Cross Walk Rf Over Lf(7) Lf Over Rf(8) (12)

Sect:B4 – Lock Fwd,Step,Turn,Step,Rock R,Step L,Ball Change 1/2 Turn,Step R,Rock L,Rock R,Close L To R
1&2,3&4       Rf Fwd(1)Lock Lf Behind Rf(&)Rf Fwd(2)Step Lf Fwd(3)Pivot 1/2 R Onto Rf(&)Lf Fwd(4) (6)
5,6&7,8&      Rock Rf To R(5)Step On Lf(6)1/2 Turn R,Step Rf To R(&)Rock Lf To L(7)Rock Rf To R(8)Close Lf To Rf(&)(12)

Tag: 4 Counts, At End Of 2nd And 3rd Walls Of Part A. Walk Round A Full Circle R,L,R,L
Restart: On 2nd Wall Of Part B In Sect:2=After Count 7 Turn 1/4 R,Step Lf Back(&)Touch R Toe To Lf(8) You Will Then Restart Part B At 6 0-Clock

Sequence Of Dance:
A ,B ,A +Tag ,B Dance 16 Counts Then Restart B ,A +Tag, B, A ,
Pivot To Face 12 O-Clock At End Of Dance.


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