Some kind of Wonderful

Choregraphie par :  Raymod  Sarlemijn

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Mai 2019

Musique  :                  Grand Funk Railroad – Some kind of Wonderful

Step right, sailor step, kick ball cross, slide, touch, out out, heel pops
1        rf step diagonal forward
2        lf cross backward rf
&       rf close lf
3        lf kick toward
&       lf close rf
4        rf cross over lf
5        lf step left
6        rf touch lf
&       rf step out right
7        lf step out left
&       lift up both heels
8        both heels down

(&) ball cross, scissors step, ¼ turn right, touch back, ½ turn with touch, hip bumps
&       rf close lf
1        lf cross over rf
2        rf step out right
&       lf close rf
3        rf cross forward lf
4        ¼ turn right, lf step backward
5        rf touch backward
6        ¼ turn right, touch rf/ hip bump
7        ¼ turn right, touch rf/ hip bump
8        hip bump forward

Kick ball change, rock forward, recover, step back, look back, step forward, ½ turn left
1        rf kick forward
&       rf touch lf
2        weight on lf
3        rf rock forward
4        recover weight on lf
5        rf step backward
6        look back
7        lf step forward
8        ½ turn left

Sailor cross, Dorothy step 2 x, & out & in
1lf cross backward rf
&rf close lf
2lf cross over rf
3rf step diagonal forward
&lf lock behind rf
4rf step diagonal forward
5lf lock backward rf
6lf step diagonal forward
7rf step out right
&lf step on place
8rf touch next to lf

Look for the video for walk through


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