Choregraphie par :    Lesley Kidd (UK) & Hayley Goy (UK)

Description :              64 temps,  4 murs, Novice, Août 2021

Musique :                  Somebody Loves Me – Rick Astley : (Album: 50)

Introduction: Start on vocals (approx 19 seconds)

Section 1: Step, sweep, ball change, step, sweep, ball change
1-2        Step back R, sweeping L from front to back
3-4        Step on ball of L slightly behind R, recover R
5-6        Step back L, sweeping R from front to back
7-8        Step on ball of R slightly behind L, recover L

Section 2: Forward, touch, back, heel, step, scuff, ¼ hitch, step to side
1-2        Step forward R, touch L beside R
3-4        Step back L, tap R heel in front
5-6        Step forward R, scuff L foot forward
7-8        Hitch L knee, turning ¼ R, step L to L side (3:00)

Section 3: Rock back, recover, step side, behind, ¼, ¼, behind, step ¼,
1-2        Rock back R, recover onto L
3-4        Step R to R side, step L behind R
5-6        Turn ¼ R stepping forward R, turn ¼ R stepping L to L side (9:00)
7-8        Step R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping forward L (6:00)

Section 4: Chase ½ turn, hold, full turn, step forward, hold
1-2        Step forward R, Pivot ½ turn L
3-4        Step forward R, hold
5-6        Turn ½ R stepping back L, turn ½ R stepping forward R
7-8        Step forward L, hold (12:00)

Section 5: Forward, scuff, brush, scuff, forward, scuff, brush, scuff,
1-2        Step forward R, scuff L forward
3-4        Brush L back in front of R, scuff L forward
5-6        Step forward L, scuff R forward
7-8        Brush R back in front of L, scuff R forward

Section 6: Rocking chair, side rock, recover, toe back, ½ turn
1-2        Rock forward R, recover onto L
3-4        Rock back R, recover onto L
5-6        Rock R to R side, recover onto L
7-8        Touch R toe behind L foot, unwind ½ turn R, weight on R (6:00)

Section 7: L lock step, scuff, R lock step, scuff
1-2        Step forward L, lock R behind L
3-4        Step forward L, scuff R forward
5-6        Step forward R, lock L behind R
7-8        Step forward R, scuff L forward

Section 8: Jazz box ¼ turn, back, back, cross, hold
1-2        Step L across R, step back R
3-4        Turn ¼ L stepping L to L side, step R across L (3:00)
5-6        Step back L, step back R
7-8        Step L across R, hold.

No tags or restarts, repeat and enjoy!

ENDING: After wall 6

When you have danced 6 walls you will be facing 6:00. Step back R and sweep L from back to front, as if starting another wall.
Touch L toe behind R and unwind ½ turn L to face 12:00 on final note of music.


Somebody Loves Me

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