Someday Maybe (When We’re Old & Grey)

Choregraphie par :  Norman GIFFORD

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Octobre 2016

Musique :                Someday – Michael Buble (feat. Megan Trainor)

(Start after 8 patterns of 8)

(Walk, walk, mambo-step, coaster-step, walk, walk)
1-2      Right step forward; left step forward
3&4     Right rock forward; left replace; right step slightly back
5&6     Left step back; right together; left step forward
7-8      Right step forward; left step forward

(Pencil-hook turn ½ left, forward lock-steps, chase turn ½ right)
1-2      Right step forward; swivel turn ½ left hooking left up across right (6:00)
3&4     Left step forward; right lock behind left; left step forward
5&6     Right step forward; left lock behind right; right step forward
7&8     Left step forward; pivot turn ½ right; left step forward (12:00) ***

(Sway, sway, chassè right, cross-rock, shuffle-steps turning ¼ left)
1-2      Sway right; sway left
3&4     Chassè right (RLR)
5-6      Left cross-rock; right replace
7&8     Turn ¼ left into shuffle-steps forward (LRL) (9:00)

(Sweeping diamond pattern turning 3/4 right)
1&2     Right sweep across; left step back diagonal; right step back (10:30)
3&4     Left sweep behind; right step side in 3rd position; left step forward (1:30)
5&6     Right sweep across; left step back; right step side turning ¼ right (4:30)
7&8     Left sweep behind; right step side turning right; left step forward (6:00)


*** RESTART: Wall #2 only! (you will be facing 6:00)



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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