Choregraphie par :  Aurora de Jong (USA)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Février 2021

Musique :                  It’s All Right – Jon Batiste : (from the movie Soul, Disney/Pixar soundtrack)

Dance begins 16 counts after the hard beat begins
The song is about being an original Soul – so dance this with SOUL!

[1-8]: Diagonal step together, step touch to the right, repeat to left diagonal
1-4        (slightly toward right diagonal) step R forward (1), step L to R (2), step R forward (3), touch L to R (4)
5-8        (slightly toward left diagonal) step L forward (5), step R to L (6), step L forward (7), touch R to L (8)
(optional arms for added Soul: bend your elbows and swing your arms forward and back, like
shoobeedobee doowap arms. On the verses where he says « everybody clap your hands », clap away!)

[9-16]: Diagonal step touches back, 1/4 turn right grapevine
1-4        step R back and right (1), touch L to R (2), step L back and left (3), touch R to L (4)
5-8        step R to right (5), step L behind R (6), step R forward turning ¼ to right (7), step L forward (8) (3:00)
(optional arms: clap or snap as you go back)

[17-24]: ½ right pivot turn, hold, step, hold, rocking chair
1-2        pivot ½ to right, transferring weight to R (1), hold (2) (9:00)
3-4        step L forward (3), hold (4)
5-8        rock R forward (5), recover to L (6), rock R back (7), recover to L (8)
(make those steps and holds sassy!)

[25-32]: R and L step kicks, jazz box cross
1-4        step R to right (1), kick L forward across body (2), step L to left (3), kick R forward across body (4)
5-8        step R across L (5), step L back (6), step R to right (7), step L across R (8)
Dance ends on count 9 of Wall 9 at 12:00 – be sure to do your jazz hands!




Soul Sparkle

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