Straight To Hell (My Mama Says)

Choregraphie par : Mary  Bee Friedrich

Description  :          32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant – Country 2S, Octobre 2018

Musique :                Darius Rucker Ft. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley-Straight to Hell (Album-When Was the Last Time)

Intro: 32 Count start to Dance – No Tags / No Restarts!

Section 1 Toe Strut Turn, Rock back, Walking, Shuffle fwd.
1-2      RF Toe Strut turn right
3-4      LF Rock back
5-6      LF Step fwd., RF step fwd.
7&8     LF step fwd., RF lock to LF, LF step fwd.

Section 2 Side Rock, Back Rock, Rock fwd., Sailor ¼ Turn
1-2      RF rock to right, LF Recover
3-4      RF Rock back, LF Recover
5-6      RF Rock fwd., LF Recover
7&8     RF sweep ¼ turn right , RF step behind, LF step to left side, RF step to right

Section 3 Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Weave, Touch
1-2      LF rock side, RF Recover
3&4     LF cross to RF, RF step to right side, LF cross to RF
5-6      RF step to right, LF step behind RF
7-8      RF step to right side, LF touch to RF

Section 4 Rolling Wine, Touch, Rock back, Heel, Step,Touch
1-2      LF step to left side, RF ½ Turn left
3-4      LF ½ Turn left, RF touch to LF
5-6      RF rock back, LF Heel point
7-8      LF step on place, RF touch to LF

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