Sucker For You

Choregraphie par :  Karl-Harry  WINSON

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Avancé, Octobre 2017

Musique :                  Sucker For You by Matt Terry (iTunes & amazon)

Intro: 16 counts (Start on Vocals)


Right Side Rock. Cross. Left Side Rock. Cross. Point. Monterey 1/2 Turn Right. Side Rock. Cross. 1/8 Left. Back Step.
1&2&      Rock Right to Right side. Recover weight on Left. Cross Right over Left. Rock Left out to Left side.
3&4        Recover weight on Right. Cross step Left over Right. Point Right toe out to Right side.
5,6&       Turn 1/2 turn Right stepping Right beside Left. Rock Left out to Left side. Recover weight on Right. [6.00]
7&8        Cross Left over Right. Turn 1/8 turn Left stepping Right back. Step back on Left. [4.30]

Back Step/Toe Fan. Left Back Rock. Forward. Full Turn Left. 1/8 Turn Left. Side Rock. Cross. Side. Touch Behind.
1            Step back on Right as you turn Left toe out to Left.
2&3        Rock Left back. Recover weight on Right. Step forward on Left.
4 – 5      Turn 1/2 Left stepping Right back. Turn 1/2 Left stepping Left forward. [4.30]
6&7&     Turn 1/8 Left rocking Right to Right side. Recover weight on Left. Cross Right over Left. Step Left to Left side.
8            Touch Right toe behind Left foot. [3.00]
*Restart Here on Wall 2 facing 6 o’clock Wall.

Side. Back Rock. 1/4 Turn Press/Shoulder Push. 1/4 Turn Recover. 1/4 Turn Left. Step 1/4 Cross. 1/4 Turn Right.
1,2&       Step Right to Right side. Rock back on Left. Recover weight on Right.
3            Turn 1/4 Left pressing Left forward as you Lift Left shoulder and Right shoulder comes down. [12.00]
4            Turn 1/4 Right recovering back to 3 O’clock Wall with weight onto Right. [3.00]
5,6&7     Turn 1/4 Left stepping Left forward. [12.00] Step Right forward. Turn 1/4 Left. Cross step Right over Left. [9.00]
8            Turn 1/4 Right stepping back on Left. [12.00]

Shuffle 1/4 Turn. Cross Rock. Syncopated Back Touches. & Heel (Push). & Step.
1&2        Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. Step Right to Right side.. [3.00]
3 – 4       Cross Rock Left over Right. Recover weight on Right.
&5          Step Left back (slightly on the diagonal). Touch Right beside Left.
&6          Step Right back (slightly on the diagonal). Touch Left beside Right.
&7          Rock back on Left (slightly pushing bum back). Dig Right heel forward.
&8          Recover weight forward on Right. Step forward on Left. [3.00]

Start Again!

*Restart: On Wall 2, Dance 16 Counts and restart facing 6 o’clock Wall

**Tag: At the End of Wall 4 Dance the following 4 Counts facing 12 O’clock Wall
Step. Pivot 1/2 Turn. Step. Pivot 1/2 Turn-Touch.
1 – 2       Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 Turn Left. [6.00]
3&4        Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Left. Touch Right toe beside Left. [12.00]

Contact: or 07792984427


Catégorie: Avancé, Chorégraphies

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