Choregraphie par :    Christiane Le Moguedec, Nathalie Merry, Rudy Voulu, Marie Bougeard, Monique Touboulic, Jean-Luc Couture, Marie-Luce Lambert & Sophie Bonnaffoux (FR)

Description :               48 temps, Avancé Phrasée, Juillet 2021

Musique :                   Summer Is a Curse – The FAIM

Phrased A Tag1 A B A(16) B A Tag1+Tag2 A A(16) Ending

PART A : 32 Counts
SECTION 1 – Step R – L Sailor Step – ½ turn Sailor Step to right – Bounces – Behind Side Step forward diagonale.
1, 2&3        Step to R side, Cross L behind R, R to side, LF in place
4&5            Cross R behind L beginning to turn right, L to side finishing a half-turn, RF slightly forward (6.00)
6&7            ½ turn L with three bounces, ending weight on R
8&1            Sweep L from front to back and step behind R, R to side, L forward toward R diagonale (2.00)

SECTION 2 – Side Rock Cross R & L – Camel walks – ½ Turn left Coaster Step
2&3            Step R to side, recover on L, cross R over L
4&5            Step L to side, recover on R, cross L over R
6, 7             Step R forward popping left knee, Step L forward popping right knee
8&1            Step R backward, ¼ turn to left and L close to R, ¼ turn to left and step R forward (7.00)

SECTION 3 – Fwd Lockstep – Side Rock Cross 1/8th to left – Unwind to L ¾ Turn – Sweep and Step Back on L – Back Lockstep R
2&3            L Step, Lock R behind L, Step forward on L (7.00)
4&5            Step R to side making 1/8th L, recover on L, cross R over L (6.00)
6, 7             Turn over your left shoulder ¾ turn L keeping weight on R, sweeping L from front to back, Step L Back (9.00)
8&1            Step back on R, cross L over R, step back on R

SECTION 4 – Back Rock with knee pops – Step L, Spiral turn ¾ Turn R – Out/ Out, RF back – Drag L popping RF
2, 3             Rock back on L popping R knee, recover on R popping L knee
4, 5             Step L, Spiral turn ¾ turn R (6.00)
6&7            Step R slightly right diagonale, step L slightly left diagonale, Step back on R
8                 Drag L beside R popping RF (weight on L) (6.00)

PART B : 16 Counts
First Part B will begin facing 12.00, the second one will begin facing 6.00
SECTION 1 – Step R – Sweep ¼ Turn R – Weave to R – ¼ Turn to R and Step R/Flick L – L Shuffle – ¼ Turn to R and Step R to side
1, 2             Step R forward, ¼ turn to right sweeping L from back to front
3&4            Cross L over R, Step R to side, Cross L behind R
5                 ¼ turn to right stepping RF with LF flick back,
6&7            Step forward on L, Step R next to L, Step forward on L
8                 ¼ turn to right and step R to side with a Sway

SECTION 2 – L to side, Together – L Shuffle – ¼ turn to R Step R/Flick L – Triple full turn – Touch R
1, 2             Step L to side, close R together
3&4            Step forward on L, Step R next to L, Step forward on L
5, 6&7        ¼ turn to right stepping R with L flick back, Triple full turn left L R L
8                 Touch R beside L


In this dance, there are 2 Restarts, and 2 Tags.
* RESTARTS appear each time in Part A, after 16 counts : the first time you’ll dance Part A
for the third time, restart facing 6.00 for Part B.
The second time, you’ll dance the last Part A beginning facing 6.00, restart facing 12.00 for Ending.

TAG 1 :16 Counts
After the 1st time you’ll dance Part A(you’ll face 6.00), and after the 4th time you’ll dance Part
A (you’ll face 12.00), please do this following Tag :
Step R – Sweep L and Weave – Sweep R, ¼ Turn left and Step L
1, 2Step R forward, Sweep L from back to front
3,4Cross L over R, R to side
5, 6Cross L slightly behind R, Sweep R from front to back
7, 8Cross R behind L, ¼ turn L and L forward

Anchor Step – Sweep – Sailor Step ¼ Turn left – Behind side step – Bounces ½ Turn left
1&2            R slightly behind L, L toward R, RF in place sweeping L from front to back
3&4            ¼ turn left and L slightly crossed behind R, R to side, LF in place
5&6            R behind L, L to side, R slightly forward
7&8            bounces both feet making a ½ turn to L (weight on LF)

TAG 2 – 8 Counts
After the second time you will dance Tag 1, please add this Tag 2:
Step turn step X 2 – Cross R – Hold – Out/Out – Sway L
1&2            Step R, ½ turn L and step R
3&4            Step L, ½ turn R and step L
5,6             Cross R slightly over L, Hold on 6
&7, 8          Step L diagonale, Step R diagonale, Sway L weight back on LF

ENDING: After you dance 16 counts of last Part A, you will face 12.00.
Then do Mambo Step L (1&2), Back Mambo R (3&4), Sweep L from back to front (5, 6), sweep R from back to front (7, 8) and Salute!


Thank you to all my advanced Class for those hilarious and amazing moments to create this dance altogether, each a part! We had so much fun that we would like to share this crazy dance with you!!



Summer Is a Curse

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