That Dance

Choregraphie par :  Roger (leftfoot) Hunter

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Mai 2020

Musique :                   I’ll Make you Strong (by Hannah White)

(Starts on 16)

(S1) K Step
1-4            Step R forward diagonally,touch L next to R. Step L back diagonally(home position) touch R next to L.
5-8            Step R rearward diagonally,touch L next to R. Step L forward diagonally(home position)touch R next to L.

(S2) RIGHT AND LEFT VINES (optional rolling left vine)
1-4            Step R to R,step L behind R,step R to R touch L next to R.
5-8            Step L to L,step R behind L,step L to L. touch R next to L.

1-4            Touch R to R side,turn ¼ right on ball of L,step R next to L(3:00) Touch L to L, step L next to R.
5-8            Step R across L.step L back,step R to side,step L next to R.

(S4) LINDY RIGHT, LINDY LEFT (chasse/behind side rock recover)
1&2,3,4    Step R to R,close L to R,step R to R, Rock back on L and recover on R.
5&6,7,8    Step L to L,close R to L,step L to L,Rock back on R and recover on L.

Optional Music: –
The Wanderer,by Dion. Peaches and Cream, Dream Lover
Walk Softly,by The Kentucky Headhunters
Blurred Lines,by Robin Thicke


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