The Caribbean Feeling

Choregraphie par :  Noreen Wall, Noreen’s line dancers

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Février 2020

Musique :                   Caribbean Feeling by Nathan Carter

#16 count intro.

S1) Right rumba box forward, right shuffle back, left coaster step.
1&2        step right to right side, step left foot beside right, step forward right foot, touch left foot beside right.
3&4        step left foot to left side, step right foot beside left, step back left.
5&6        step back on right foot, step left foot in front of right, step back right foot.
7&8        step back on left foot, step right foot beside left, step forward left foot.

S2) right shuffle forward, step forward left ,¼ turn right to face 3 o’clock with a cross in front, turn ½ turn back left R,L,R facing 9 o’clock, left rock out recover R, cross L in front.
1&2        step forward right foot, step left foot behind right ,step forward right foot.
3&4        step forward left foot make ¼ turn right to face 3 o’ clock recover weight on right foot, cross left foot over right.
5&6        make a ½ turn back left, to face 9 o’clock, stepping right, left, right.
7&8        rock left foot out to left side recover weight on right, cross left in front of right, weight on left foot.

S3) right rock cross in front, left grapevine ¼ turn left ,to 6 o’clock, step ½ turn left to 12 o’clock, step, run forward L,RL
1&2        rock right foot out to right side, recover weight on left foot, cross right foot in front of left.
3&4        step left foot out to left side, cross right foot behind left, step left to left side making a ¼ turn left to face 6 o’clock.
5&6        step forward on right foot making a ½ turn left step on to left foot, facing 12 o’clock, step forward right foot.
7&8        Run forward left, right, left.

S4) right Charleston step forward, left Charleston step back, jazz box ¼ turn right to face 3 o’clock.
1-2         weight on left foot, touch right toe forward, step right foot back.
3-4         weight on right foot, touch left toe back, step left foot forward.
5-6         weight on left foot, cross right foot over left, step back on left foot.
7-8         make ¼ Turn right on to right foot, facing 3 o’clock, replace left foot by right.
Keep weight on left foot ready to start new wall.

***3 restarts)
*1st restart on wall 3 facing 6 o’clock, comes after the runs L,R,L then restart the dance.
**2nd restart on wall 6 facing 12 o’clock, comes after the Charleston step.
***3rd restart on wall 7 facing 12 o’ clock , comes after the runs L,R,L.

Continue to dance the dance all the way through.

The dance finishes on wall 10.
Dance up to the right shuffle forward ,facing 6 o’clock, make ¼ turn right cross left foot in front of right , facing 9 0’clock,turn backwards over left shoulder R,L,R 3 ¼ turn to finish on the front wall.


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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