The Koi Boys

Choregraphie par :   Ivonne Verhagen, Kate Sala, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren, Giuseppe Scaccianoce.

Description :              48 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Août 2019

Musique :                    ‘Shake It’ by The Koi Boys – 3:13 mins

Intro: 10 Seconds – starting on vocals.

Stomp Right, Hold, Cross Rock Behind, Recover, Stomp Left, Hold, Cross Rock Behind, Recover.
1 – 2        Stomp R out to right side & with L leg stretched out to the left side. Hold.
3 – 4        Cross rock on L behind R. Recover on to R.
5 – 6        Stomp L out to left side & with R leg stretched out to right side. Hold.
7 – 8        Cross rock on R behind L. Recover on to L.

Slightly Diagonal Step lock Step Scuff, Slightly Diagonal Step Lock Step Scuff.
1 – 4        Step R forward to right diagonal. Lock step L behind R. Step R foot forward to right diagonal. Scuff L.
5 – 8        Step L forward to left diagonal. Lock step R behind L. Step L forward to left diagonal. Scuff R.
(Restart during wall 9)

Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Right With Holds and Claps or Clicks, Cross Step, Hold.
1 – 4        Cross step R over L. Hold with clap or click. Turn 1/4 right stepping back on L. Hold with clap or click.
5 – 8        Step R out to right side. Hold with clap or click. Cross step L over R. Hold. 3:00

Right Vine 1/4 Turn Right With Hold, Turn 1/4 Right With Long Step Left.
1 – 4        Step R out to right side. Cross step L behind R. Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on R, Hold. 6:00
5 – 8        Turn 1/4 right with long step out to left side. Drag R in towards L. (Weight on L). 9:00

Diagonal Out, Out, Step Back, Together.
1 – 2        Step R forward to right diagonal placing R hand behind R hip. Hold.
3 – 4        Step L forward to left diagonal placing L hand behind L hip. Hold.
5 – 6        Step back on R. Hold. Step back on L. Hold.

Swivel Heels Right, Toes Right, Heels Right With Hitch, Repeat To The Left.
1 – 4        Swivel heels right. Swivel toes right. Swivel heels right with L Hitch. Hold.
5 – 8        Step L to left side Swivelling heels left. Swivel toes left. Swivel heels left with R Hitch. Hold.
(Knees are turned out for the hitch).

Start Again Enjoy!

Restart: During wall 9 facing front wall, restart after count 16.


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