The Walking Dream

Choregraphie par :   Lynda Summers (Can) 

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2018

Musique :                   Did You Ever See a Dream Walking by Mitch Miller & The Gang

INTRO: 16 counts, start dance on word ever of Did you ever

BRUSH (fwd, back), SHUFFLE (fwd)
1,2            Brush L forward, brush L back across R. (12:00)
3&4          Shuffle forward (L-R-L).
5,6            Rock step R forward, recover back onto L.
7&8          Step R back, step L beside R, step R forward.

FWD, PIVOT (1/4 right), FWD, PIVOT (1/4 right)
1,2            Step L forward, pivot 1/4 right onto R. (3:00)
3,4            Repeat above counts 1,2. (6:00)
5,6            Cross step L over R, step R back.
7,8            Step L to left side, small brush R forward.

SIDE (right), BEHIND, CHASSE (right)
1,2            Step R to right side, step L behind R.
3,4            Chasse side right (R-L-R).
CROSS (rock), RECOVER, (1/4 left) SHUFFLE (fwd)
5,6            Cross rock L over R, recover back onto R.
7&8          Turn 1/4 left (L forward), step R beside L, step L forward. (3:00)

FWD, POINT (left), FWD, POINT (right)
1,2            Step R forward, point L toe forward to left diagonal.
3,4            Step L forward, point R toe forward to right diagonal.
5,6            Step R back (lift L slightly up), step L down.
7,8            Step R slightly forward, hold. (3:00)


ENDING On wall 8 (9:00), dance first 3 sections. Replace Sec 4 with:
Fwd, Point (Left), Fwd, Point (Right)
1-4            Do as usual as shown above, Sec 4(1-4).
Back, Point (Left), Back, Point (Right
5,6            Step R back, point L toe back to left diagonal,
7 ,8           Step L back, point R toe back to right diagonal.

Rock (fwd), recover, coaster step
9,10          Rock step R forward, recover back onto L.
11&12       Step R back, step L beside R, step R forward.
Brush (fwd), brush (across back), fwd, hold
13,14        Brush L forward, bush L back across R.
15,16        Step L slightly forward, hold.



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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