Choregraphie par :  Tanzschule Weber (DE

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, Janvier 2021

Musique :                 Wellerman (Sea Shanty) (From TikTok to Epic Remix) – Nathan Evans

No Tags / No Restarts
Start dance after 16 counts

(1-8) Rock step LF, Chasse to left, Rock step RF, Chasse to right
1,2          Step L fwd., recover weight onto R
3&4        Side Step L, close R, Side Step L
5,6          Step R fwd., recover weight onto L
7&8        Side Step R, close L, Side Step R

(9-16) weave, heel Point, Ball Cross, weave, heel Point, Ball Cross
1&2&     Step L over R, Step R to side, Step L behind R, close R to L
3&4        Heel Point L , close L to R, Step R over L
5,6          Step L to side, Step R cross behind L
&7&8     Close L to R, heel Point R , close R to L, Step L over R

(17-24) Rock step, Heel Point, Toe heal Point,
1,2          Step R fwd., recover weight on L
&3           (4) Close R to L, heel point fwd. L, (hold 4)
&5&6&   Close L to R, heel point fwd. R, close R to L, Heel point fwd. L, close L to R
7&8        Tap R, heel tap R, close R to L

(25-32) Step Turn ½ R, « Military Turn » ¼ R, Rock Step Recover
1,2          Step L fwd., ½ Turn R, recover weight on R,
3,4          Step L fwd., ¼ Turn R, recover on R
5&6&      L fwd., recover on R, L sw., recover on R
7,8          Step L fwd., close R to L

Start the dance from the top

All kind of feedback is welcome! Write to:
Tanzschule Weber – Wilhelmstrasse 36 – 65183 Wiesbaden –


The Wellerman

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