Choregraphie par :  Wil BOS & Gudrun SCHNEIDER 

Description :            64 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Mars 2016

Musique :                 Todos par Etnica Project

Intro: 32 counts

S1: Side, Together, Chassé, Cross Rock Fwd Recover, Chassé ¼ L
1-2        RF step side, LF together
3&4       RF step side, LF together, RF step side
5-6        LF rock across, RF recover
7&8       LF step side, RF together, LF ¼ left step forward [9] **

S2: Toe Strut ½ L x2, Rock Fwd/Flick Recover/Kick, Rock Back/Hitch Recover
1-2        RF ½ left step back on toes, RF heel down
3-4        LF ½ left step forward on toes, LF heel down
5-6        RF rock forward and flick LF back, LF recover and kick RF forward
7-8        RF rock back and hitch LF, LF recover [9]

S3: Monterey ½ R, Side Rock Recover Cross, Side, Touch, Side Rock Recover Cross
1-2        RF point side, RF ½ right step beside
3&4       LF rock side, RF recover, LF cross over
5-6        RF step side, LF touch beside
7&8       LF rock side, RF recover, LF cross over [3]

S4: Rolling Vine Point, ¼ L Fwd, ½ L Back, Shuffle ½ L
1-4        RF ¼ right step forward, LF ½ right step back, RF ¼ right step side, LF point side
5-6        LF ¼ left step forward, RF ½ left step back
7&8       LF ¼ left step side, RF step beside, LF ¼ left step forward [12]

S5: Touch, Flick, Cross Shuffle (x2)
1-2        RF touch beside, RF flick side
3&4       RF cross over, LF step side, RF cross over
5-6        LF touch beside, LF flick side
7&8       LF cross over, RF step side, LF cross over [12]

S6: ¼ L Back, ½ L Fwd, Shuffle Fwd, Rock Fwd Recover, Coaster Cross
1-2        RF ¼ left step back, LF ½ left step forward
3&4       RF step forward, LF step beside, RF step forward
5-6        LF rock forward, RF recover
7&8       LF step back, RF together, LF cross over [3] *

S7: Side, Behind, & Heel & Cross, ¼ R Back, ¼ R Side, Cross Samba
1-2        RF step side, LF cross behind
&3&4    RF small step side, LF dig heel left forward, LF together, RF cross over
5-6        LF ¼ right step back, RF ¼ right step side
7&8       LF cross over, RF rock side, LF recover [9]

S8: Jazz Box ¼ R, Pivot ½ L, Pivot ¼ L
1-4        RF cross over, LF ¼ right step back, RF step side, LF step forward
5-6        RF step forward, R+L ½ turn left
7-8        RF step forward, R+L ¼ turn left [3]
* Dance the 2nd wall up to and including count 48 (count 8 of the 6th section) and start again
** Dance the 7th wall up to and including count 8 (1st section) and start again

Wil Bos – – – Cellphone +31 653 53 18 23
Gudrun Schneider – –




Catégorie: Intermédiaire

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