Top Of The World

Choregraphie par :   Silvel  FOXD

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Avril 2017

Musique :                  Top of the World by Chris Commiso

Intro: 8 Count

[1-8] R forward.1/2 turn life L back , R side , Syncopated Jazz box , L slide. R back Recover L,Syncopated weave step.
1-2&      Step R forward(12:0), Make 1/2 turn L sweeping step L from Front to back, Step R to R side (6:00)
3&4&     Cross L over R.Step R Back,Step L to L side cross R over L
5-6&      Long slide step L to L side, Rock R back.Recover L
7&8&     Step R to R side.Step L behind R, Step R to R side. Step L Cross over R (6:00)

[9-16] R side , 1/4 turn L Touch L ,L side, 1/4 turn ,L touch R, R Chasse ,L sailor, Touch L heel fwd,L back, R cross, L side R back , L recover
1&2&     Step R to R side,1/4 Turn L touch L next to R (3:00), Step L to L side, 1/4 Turn L Touch R next to L (12:00)
3&4       step R to R side. together, step R to R big side step (12:00)
5&6&     Step L behind R, step R next to L,touch L heel diagonally, Step L Together
7&8&     Step R Cross over L, step L to L side,step R back, Recover L (12:00)

[17-24] Touch R heel fwd, Together,Touch R toe side,Together,1/4 turn R Chasse, Touch L, Touch L heel fwd , Together , Touch L toe to side , Together, 1/4 turn L, Together,1/4 Turn L, Touch R
1&2&     Touch R heel fwd, Step R next to L, Touch R toe to R side, Step R next to L (12:00)
3&4&     1/4 turn right R chasse, Touch L next to R (3:00)
5&6&     Touch L heel fwd,step L next to R,Touch L toe to L side Step L next to R(3:00)
7&8&     Step L 1/4 Turn left. R next to L (12:00) Step L 1/4 Turn left, Touch R next to L (9:00)

[25-32] R side, Rock L back ,Recover R, L side ,Rock R back, Recover L, Touch R heel fwd, Together, Touch R toe to R side, Together, 1/4 turn L twisting feet & hip up & down
1-2&      Step R to R side, Rock step L back,Recover R(9:00)
3-4&      Step L to L side, Rock step R back, Recover L(9:00)
5&6&     Touch R heel fwd, step R next to L, Touch R toe to R side, Step R next to L,(9:00)
7&8&     (1/8 Turn left twisting both feet & hips up and down)×2 – (6:00)

After 3 Wall, there is a 4 count Tag.
Jazz box (6:00)
1-4        cross R over L, Step L back, Step R to R side, cross L over R



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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