Choregraphie par :  Lucy  Cooper

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2019

Musique :                  Trampoline — Shaed and Zayn

Intro: 4 counts (Start on “Dreams”)

Side, Pose, Hold, Side, Cross, Side rock (on toes), Recover, Cross, Side, Behind, Side
1 2        Step right to side, sit down into right hip bending left knee with left heel raised (alternatively you can strike any pose!)
3&4      Hold, step left to side, cross right over left
5&6      Rock left to left side up on your toes and pointing right to right side, lower back down onto the right, cross left over right
7 8&     Step right to side sweeping left back, cross left behind, step right to side

Forward rock (on toes), Recover, Back, ½ R stepping forward, Forward with sweep, Rock, Recover, ½ Turn R stepping forward, Walk, Full Turn L
1 2        Rock left to right diagonal up on toes pointing right toe out behind, recover back down onto the right
3&4      Step back onto the left, step right forward turning ½ right, step left forward sweeping right round to the front (6.00)
5&6      Rock right forward, recover to left, step right forward turning ½ right (12.00)
7 8&     Step left forward, full turn left stepping right left (12.00)

Side drag, Back rock, Recover, Side Drag, Back rock, Recover, Step, Heel lift, Back, Back with hitch, Rock behind, Recover
1 2&     Step right to side, rock left behind, recover onto right
3 4&     Step left to side, rock right behind, recover onto left (restart here wall 2)
5&6      Step right forward lift both heels off the floor with bent knees, recover weight on the left, step back onto the right
7 8&     Step left back hitching right up and back, cross right behind left, recover onto left

Forward, Pivot ½ R, Step, ¾ Turn L with Hook, Step sweep, Step sweep, Rock, Recover, Back drag
1 2&      Step right forward, step left forward ½ pivot right (6.00)
3 4        Step left forward, step right slightly to the side and hook the left in turning ¾ left (9.00)
5 6        Step left forward sweeping the right round to front, step right forward sweeping the left round to front
7&8      Rock left forward, recover onto right, big step back on the left dragging the right toe in

Wall 2: Dance the first 20 counts then Restart the dance again.
Wall 4: At the end of the wall, perform the 4 count tag, then begin wall 5
TAG: ¼ R side step R, ¼ R side step L, ¼ R side step R, ¼ R side step L
1 2        Turn ¼ right stepping right to side, turn ¼ right stepping left to side,
3 4        Turn ¼ right stepping right to side, turn ¼ right stepping left to side

ENDING: Wall 6 ends at 9.00. You can do step turns like the tag to face the front wall and finish


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