Turnin’ Down

Choregraphie par :  Ann-Jeanett Ramsvatn – Denmark

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant, Septembre 2019

Musique :                   Country Road by Dolly Parton

Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Two Lock Steps Forward With Scuffs
1-4        Step forward right, lock left behind right, step right forward, scuff left
5-8        Step forward left, lock right behind left, step left forward, scuff right

Section 2: Coaster Forward, Hold, Coaster Back, Hold
1-4        Step forward right, step left beside right, step back right, hold
5-8        Step back left, Step right beside left, step left forward, hold

Section 3: Anchor step RLR, Hitch, Anchor step LRL, Hitch
1-4        Rock forward right, Rock back left, Rock forward right, Hitch left knee
5-8        Rock forward left, Rock back right, Rock forward left, Hitch right knee

Section 4: Rocking chair with RF, 1/4 Paddle turn x2
1-4        Rock RF forward, Recover onto LF, Rock back on RF, Recover onto LF
5-8        Step forward on RF, Make a 1/4 turn L, Step forward on RF, Make a 1/4 turn L (facing 6 o’clock)


#1. Wall 5 after 12 counts (count 12: step left beside right) (facing 12.00)
#2. Wall 12 after 24 counts (facing 12.00)

TAG: after wall 9 (Hipbumps R,L,R,L) (facing 12.00)

Ann-Jeanett Ramsvatn annjeanettramsvatn@gmail.com , Denmark


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