Up In The Sky

Choregraphie par :   Dwight MEESSEN

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Févruer 2017

Musique :                  « Up In The Sky » by 77 Bombay Street

Intro: 16 counts

Walk Bkw x2, Coaster, Walk Fwd x2, Chase ½ R
1-2      RF step back, LF step back
3&4     RF step back, LF together, RF step forward
5-6      LF step forward, RF step forward
7&8     LF step forward, L+R ½ turn right, LF step forward [6]

Diag. Fwd, Touch, Back/Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Diag. Heel Switches, Heel Hitch Heel
1&2     RF step right forward, LF touch beside, LF step slightly back and sweep RF back
3&4     RF cross behind, LF step side, RF cross over
5&6&   LF ⅛ left dig heel forward, LF together, RF dig heel forward, RF together
7&8     LF dig heel forward, LF hitch, LF dig heel forward [4.30]

Behind, ⅛ R Side, Cross, Rock Side Recover ¼ L, Shuffle Fwd, Mambo Fwd
1&2     LF cross behind, RF ⅛ right step side, LF cross over
3-4      RF rock side, LF ¼ left recover
5&6     RF step forward, LF step beside, RF step forward
7&8     LF rock forward, RF recover, LF step slightly back [3]

Coaster, Pivot ½ R, Shuffle Fwd, Heel Hitch Heel
1&2     RF step back, LF together, RF step forward
3-4      LF step forward, L+R ½ turn right
5&6     LF step forward, RF step beside, LF step forward
7&8     RF dig heel forward, RF hitch, RF dig heel forward [9]

Start again

Restart: Dance the 4th and 10th wall up to and including count 24 (count 8 of the 3rd section) and start again


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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