Choregraphie par :      Ellie Hendriks (NL)

Description :                 32 temps, 4 murs, Novice +, Octobre 2021

Musique :                      Walk With You – Zach Williams

Intro 32 Counts
Tag: 16 counts during wall 3
Restart: During wall 5

Heel grind ¼ Turn R, Behind side cross , Side rock, Sailor ½ turn L.
1 2          Step on right heel slightly forward, Turn ¼ R step left next right (3)
3&4        Step right behind left, Step left to the left, Cross right over left
5 6          Rock left to the L side, Rock back on Right
7&8        Cross left behind right as you begin to turn ¼ L, complete ¼ turn stepping right together, Turn ¼ L stepping left fwd (9)

Step forward, ½ Turn left w/Sweep, Behind side cross, R diagonal Dorothy L diagonal Dorothy,
1 2          Step Right forward, ½ Turn L with left sweep from front to back, (3)
3&4        Step left behind right, Step right to the R side, Cross left over right,
5 6&       Step Right forward, Lock left behind right, step right forward
7 8&       Step Left forward, Lock right behind left, step left forward (Restart point here on wall 5)

Hitch 2x ¼ R, Coaster step, ½ Turn L , Drag, Ball step, 1/2 turn R.
1 2          Hitch right 1/8 R, Hitch right 1/8 R (6)
3&4        Step back on right, Step left next right, Step right forward
5 6          Pivot ½ Turn L, Drag Left towards right (12)
&7          Step left next right, Step right forward
(Tag point here on wall 3)
8             ½ R step Left backwards(6)

¼ Turn R, Hold, Behind side cross, step, Hold, Behind side cross
1 2          Stomp right ¼ R to the side, Hold (9)
3&4        Step Left behind right, Step right to the side, Cross left over right
5 6          Stomp right to the R side, Hold
7&8        Step Left behind right, Step right to the side, Cross left over right

Tag with step change: On wall 3
Dance up to count 23, on count 24 walk left forward. Facing (6 o’clock)
Start the Tag: (16 counts) Stomp, twist ½ L,R,L. step, rock step, coaster step (2x).
1             Step right forward with stomp on RF,
2&3        (making a ½ turn L) twist left heel R, twist right heel R, twist left heel R, (12 o’clock)
4             Step right forward,
5 6          Rock left forward and back on right,
7&8        Step left back, Step right next to left, Step left forward

(Repeat the 8 counts) – Restart the dance on (6 o’clock)

Restart: On wall 5 After 16 Counts (6 o’clock)

End: On count 25. Take a big step to the right side and drag Left next right.



Walk With You

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