War Paint

Choregraphie par :  Andrina K Faulds, Scotland (UK)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Octobre 2018

Musique :                  Madeline Merlo – War Paint

Count in on 32 counts (start on the word ok) No Tags & No Restart

Section 1: Step right, sweet left, cross step back right and left, step back right sweep left behind, left coaster step
1-2        Step right to right diagonal (1), sweep left foot forward (2)
3&4       Cross left over right (3), step back right (&), step back left (4)
5-6        Step back right (5), sweep left foot back (6)
7&8       Step back left (7), step back right (&), step forward on left (8)

Section 2: Bring right foot in, right rock recover, 1 ½ turn over right shoulder with touch, left step ¼ turn left and right sweep
&1         Bring right foot in behind left (&), step forward left (1)
2-3        Rock forward on right (2), recover on left (3)
4-5        Step right foot half turn over right shoulder (4), step left foot half turn over right shoulder (5)
6-7        Step right foot half turn over right shoulder (6), touch left foot next to right (7)
&8         Step left toot to left side making 14/ left (&), sweep right foot in front of left (8)

Section 3: Step right cross left side, right sailor, step left behind, right kickball cross
1-2        Step right in front of left (1), step left to left side (2)
3&4       Step right foot behind left foot (3), step left to left side (&), step right foot in place (4)
5-6&7   Step left behind (5),
8           Step right to right side (8)

Section 4: Left sailor ½ turn, right shuffle forward left and right heal stand and together, step back left and drag right back
1&2       Step left foot behind right foot making ½ over left shoulder (3), step right to right side (&), step left foot in place (4)
3&4       Step forward on right foot (3), close left foot besides right (&), step forward on right foot (4)
5&6&    Step out left heal (5), step out right heal (&), step back left (6), step back right foot to start position (&)
7-8        Step left foot back (7), drag right foot ack and touch beside left (8)

Happy Dancing xxx

Contact: xandrinax@live.co.uk


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