Way Of The World

Choregraphie par :   Raymond Sarlemijn, José miguel Belloque Vane

Description :               32 temps, 0 mur, Intermediaire, Novembre 2017

Musique :                   Tina Turner, The Way Of The World

Alternative: Havana, Ca’ila Cabello

Restart on The song Tina turner in wall 4 after 28 counts and wall 8 after 24 counts

Step, rock step, cha cha cha left, rock step, cha cha cha right
1      RF dioganal right
2      LF rock forward
3      RF recover weight
4      LF left
&      RF close LF
5      LF left
6      RF back
7      LF recover weight
8      RF right
&      LF close RF
1      RF right

Time step, ½ turn time step, time step sailor step forward
2      LF close RF
&      RF recover weight
3      LF left
4      ½ turn right, RF on spot
&      LF on spot
5      RF right
6      LF close RF
&      RF recover weight
7      LF left! Sweep RF
8      RF behind LF
&      LF recover weight
1RF forward

Walk walk, cha cha cha, ½ turn left, ½ turn cha cha cha
2LF forward
3RF forward
4LF forward
&RF lock LF
5LF forward
6RF forward
7½ turn left, weight LF
8¼ turn left, RF right
&LF lock forward RF
1¼ left RF back

Sailor step, sailor step, mambo cross, mambo cross
2LF back RF
&RF recover weight
3LF right
4RF back LF
&LF recover weight
5RF right
6LF cross forward RF
&RF recover
7LF left
8RF cross forward LF
&LF recovervweight
1RF right start again


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